10 basics for her that belong in any woman’s wardrobe
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10 basics for her that belong in any woman’s wardrobe

Vanessa Kim
Zurich, on 29.06.2018
Responsible for translation: Eva Francis
Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing clothes? I’m here to guide you through the clothing jungle. Read on to find out which 10 pieces should be part of any basic wardrobe.

Every day it’s the same palaver. Your wardrobe is groaning under the weight of hangers but you’ve still got nothing to wear. That’s a feeling I know only too well. Or rather it was until I started focusing on neutral-coloured essentials that go with almost anything. Now I rarely find myself looking cluelessly at the clothes rail. I’m here to help you work out which pieces are essentials and how to style them.

#1 Black trousers: Unlike jeans, a pair of black trousers sets you up for any dress code. My favourite combo is white trainers and a stripey top.

#2 Stripey top: The nautical look isn’t limited to summer. While I’m head to foot in stripes in the warmer months, I’ll wear a sailor’s jumper under a dark, oversized blazer in winter.

#3 Leather jacket: Even if you’re not a biker or hardcore rock fan, a leather jacket is a fashion evergreen in any wardrobe. I personally prefer the casual biker style but if you’re into more of a classic look, grab a plain, slightly fitted version.

#4 White T-shirt: a plain cotton top is a must. I’d also recommend investing in a grey and black version. When you’re picking out your T-shirt, have a look at the cut. It shouldn’t be too tight fitting, but neither should it be too baggy. Loose fit is the magic phrase here.

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#5 Cashmere jumper: Quality comes at a price. Once you get a taste for high-quality wool, there’s no going back. The material is also ideal for the kind of fluctuating weather conditions standard in summer. That’s because the natural fibres help to offset the difference in temperature throughout the day.

Cashmere jumper round neck
Cash-Mere Cashmere jumper round neck

#6 Well-fitting jeans: Denim trousers are one of the nation’s favourite items of clothing – for men and women alike. But of all the pairs in your wardrobe, how many can you honestly say are a perfect fit? Thought so. Have a look through the whole range till you strike gold. Then you’ll know what I mean.

Elly (W31/L33)
Lee Elly (W31/L33)

#7 The LBD: No matter what time of day or what the occasion, you’ll always be dressed to impress with a little black dress. There are no dos and dont’s when it comes to cut or style. My one tip is to invest in a dress that can pass as both casual (day wear) and chic (evening wear).

#8 Blazer: what might look stuffy on first inspection has true trend potential. Combine a jacket with trainers and a pair of jeans and in a flash you’ve transformed office wear into a trendy outfit.

#9 Trench coat: Long military-inspired coats (ideally in beige) are the perfect between-seasons outerwear. They also add a touch of class to any sporty outfit.

#10 Denim jacket: Denim jackets are another versatile piece. On balmy summer nights I shrug a denim jacket on over a floral print dress. And in winter I’ll layer it under a wool coat as an extra barrier against the cold.

What’s your favourite outfit? Let me know in the comments. And if this article got you ready for a shopping spree, here’s the whole clothing range to browse.

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Vanessa Kim
Vanessa Kim
Editor, Zurich
When I’m not exploring the depths of the sea as an open water diver, I enjoy plunging into the world of fashion. On the streets of Paris, Milan and New York is where I keep my eyes peeled for the latest trends. And I’ll show you how to take them from the catwalk to your everyday life.

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