Galaxus Mobile privacy information

1. What is it about?

Galaxus Mobile is the name of the mobile subscription offer from Digitec Galaxus AG (“we” or “us”). Personal data is partially processed during the provision and administration of the offer. In principle, you can find information on how we process personal data in the Privacy Policy as well as in the Cookie Information. This applies in particular to information on your rights in connection with the processing of your personal data

The following information gives you an overview of the data processing activities connected with Galaxus Mobile.


2. Who is responsible for data processing?

Digitec Galaxus AG (Digitec Galaxus AG, Pfingstweidstrasse 60b, CH-8005 Zurich) is responsible for the processing of personal data in connection with Galaxus Mobile. For any questions about this Data Protection Notice or the processing of your personal data, you can contact us at the following address:


Digitec Galaxus AG
Data Protection
Pfingstweidstrasse 60b
CH-8005 Zurich




3. Which personal data do we process?

“Personal data” is defined as information that can be associated with a specific person. We process various categories of such personal data. The main categories in connection with Galaxus Mobile are set out for your information below.

  • Master data, such as form of address, first name, last name, gender and date of birth. It also includes photocopies of an identification document, information in connection with family and friends, and any user-defined name for a SIM card in the customer portal.
  • Contractual data, such as data on the the initiation and conclusion of contracts (e.g. the date on which a contract was concluded), details of the application process and details of the contract in question (e.g. type and duration). This category also includes data about financial matters, such as data used to establish creditworthiness (i.e. information that allows conclusions to be drawn about the likelihood that receivables will be settled), about reminders, about collection proceedings and about the enforcement of claims;
  • Communication data, when you contact us (e.g. as part of an inquiry with our customer service department). As part of this, we may process and store data such as your and contact details (e.g. postal address, e-mail address and telephone number) as well as any resulting correspondence (e.g. e-mails or chat messages). Comments on a website or answers to customer and satisfaction surveys also belong in this category, however;
  • Behavioral and transactional data, such as about your behavior on our websites (orders not completed, items viewed, search terms and results, payment methods, etc.);
  • Preferential data, which involves combining transactional and behavioral data with other data and analyzing it on a personal and non-personal basis. This enables us to draw conclusions about characteristics, preferences, and likely behavior, such as your affinity for specific products and services. The processing described can also be called “profiling” in technical language. You can find more information about profiling in Section 11 of the Data Protection Statement.
  • Technical data, in connection with Galaxus Mobile, this relates in particular to metadata from telecommunications traffic (including call numbers, value-added service numbers, date, time and duration of connection; type of connection; IP address; and device identification numbers such as IMEI, IMSI, MAC addresses, device type).


4. Where does the personal data come from?

  • Data provided: You often disclose personal data to us by yourself, for instance when you send us data or communicate with us. You also do it, however, when you create a Galaxus Mobile customer account or use an existing Galaxus customer account. Master, contract, and communication data in particular are generally something you disclose to us yourself. You are in many cases also responsible for disclosing preference data to us.
    The provision of personal data is largely voluntary, which means that you are not generally obliged to disclose your personal data to us. However, we do have to collect and process the personal data that are required for processing contractual relationships and fulfilling associated obligations or that are prescribed by law, such as mandatory master and contract data, as we would otherwise be unable to conclude or continue the contract in question.
    If you provide us with personal data from other persons (e.g. family members, other users of our goods and services or other employees of your company), you must ensure that these persons are familiar with the contents of this privacy policy and that you refrain from providing us with their personal data unless you are allowed to do so and that personal data is correct.
  • Data collected: We may also collect personal data about you ourselves or automatically, such as when you shop with us, make use of our offers, or procure our services. This is often behavioral and transactional data, as well as technical data (e.g., metadata from telecommunications traffic).
    We may also derive personal data from personal data already available to us, for example by analyzing transactional and behavioral data. Such derived personal data frequently comprise preference data.
  • Data received: We may also receive personal data from other companies of the Migros Group. Further information about this can be found in Section 8. Moreover, we may also receive information about you from other third parties, such as from companies with which we cooperate, persons who communicate with us, or public sources.


5. For what purposes do we process personal data?

“Purposes” means the reasons for which we process your personal data. The most important purposes related to Galaxus Mobile can be found below, for information.

  • Communication: We wish to remain in contact with you and address your individual requirements. We therefore process personal data for communication with you, in order to answer inquiries and for customer care, for instance. In particular, we make use of communication and master data for this, as well as contract data if the communication concerns a contract.
  • Contract processing: The purpose of contract processing generally comprises everything that is necessary or appropriate for concluding, executing, and, where applicable, enforcing a contract. We process personal data in connection with the initiation, administration and processing of contractual relationships, for instance to provide a service, deliver goods or services, run a loyalty program or host a prize draw. We will also decide, as part of this contract processing, whether and how (e.g. with which payment options) we intend to enter into contractual relations with you with you (including assessing your creditworthiness). Contract processing also includes any agreed personalization of services. For this purpose, we make use of master data, contract data, communication data, transactional and behavioral data, and preference data in particular.
  • Information and marketing: We wish to present you with attractive offers. We therefore process personal data for relationship management and marketing purposes, for example in order to send you written and electronic messages and offers and carry out marketing campaigns. These may comprise our own offers, those of other companies of the Migros Group, or those of advertising partners. We can also work for other companies, taking on the role of an agency, for example, to carry out promotions for their products. Messages and offers may also be personalized in order to – as far as possible – only send you information that is likely to be of interest to you. For this purpose, we make use of master data, contract data, communication data, transaction data, behavior data and preference data in particular. You can find further information about this profiling in Section 11 of the Data Protection Statement.
  • Market research and product development: We aim to improve our offers continuously and make them more attractive for you. We therefore process personal data for market research and product development purposes. To do so, we particularly process master, behavior, transaction, and preference data, as well as communication data and information from customer surveys, other surveys and studies, and further information, for example from the media, the Internet, and other public sources. As far as possible, we make use of pseudonymized or anonymized information for these purposes.
  • Security and prevention: We wish to guarantee your and our security and prevent misuse. We therefore also process personal data for security purposes, to guarantee IT security, to prevent theft, fraud, and misuse, and for evidentiary purposes.
  • Compliance with statutory requirements: We wish to lay the foundations for compliance with statutory requirements. We therefore also process personal data in order to comply with legal obligations and to prevent and detect infringements. Examples of this include receiving and processing complaints and other messages, complying with court and administrative orders, measures for detecting and investigating misuse and the conservation of metadata mandated by law. This can apply to all the personal data categories listed in Section 3.


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