Value proposition

Customer benefits in one sentence

With us, you have easy and efficient access to an extensive, high-quality range of products at low prices, while being offered inspiration, information and communication that invites you to participate and shape the content on our platform.

Customer benefits in detail

We offer you an extensive, high-quality range of products at low prices, specifically:

  • …a selection of products that covers all your needs within the offered categories
  • …the full portfolio of all relevant brands
  • …prices that give you no reason to move to competitors

We support you in finding exactly the right product by providing:

  • …the best product filters with specification details
  • …complete product data
  • ...customer ratings
  • …quality content that introduces you to a topic and provides competent information about products
  • …both in-house and integrated external product reviews and test reports
  • …personalised recommendations that match your interests

We offer you a comfortable shopping experience with:

  • …an intuitive, straightforward and user-friendly online shop and ordering process
  • ...a refined search function
  • ...quick and timely delivery
  • ... an easy returns process

We create a lively, authentic and human world where you can feel it ease by offering:

  • …inspiring content that captivates you by informing, entertaining and showing you the new trends and which is written by people with a personal profile and a genuine interest in the subject 
  • …the largest shopping community that brings together people with common interests to interact, discuss and show what they know

We offer you a comprehensive customer service including:

  • ...personal advice on various online and offline channels
  • ...good on-site assistance with an extended service partner network
  • ...generous customer service where customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do


We consistently focus on our customers benefits; the above promises are fundamental to all our actions and developments. We judge any decisions, developments, new offers and functionalities by their compliance with one or more of the described customer benefits in mind.