Our Values

Rigid hierarchies, inflexible department boundaries, paralysing bureaucracy and selfish teams – no way. That’s everything we don’t stand for. We relish teamwork and collaborate on equal terms across all departmental and management levels. And we’re obsessed with mastering our challenges efficiently and effectively. The crazier a solution seems, the keener we are. Because we love experiments – especially when the findings take us a step further. And there’s one thing we’re unbeatable at: celebrating important events and achievements with exuberant parties.


  • I offer my support at any time and help out wherever it’s needed most.
  • I give others direct, honest and yet appreciative feedback.
  • I have a constructive and solution-oriented attitude.
  • I proactively approach colleagues and other departments.
  • I listen carefully to other opinions, accept them and adjust my opinion if I discover that other arguments are better.
  • I actively share my knowledge with those around me.


  • I never stop acquiring new knowledge, giving me in-depth knowledge in my area and beyond.
  • I am constantly challenging the status quo and contributing new approaches and solutions.
  • I see change as an opportunity to gain new experiences and am a positive ambassador of change.
  • I try out things and learn from the findings.
  • I give even absurd ideas a chance.
  • I am not afraid to share or publish work, even if it's unfinished.


  • I make brave decisions, even if this means exposing myself.
  • I weigh up the opportunities and risks of my actions and involve the right people in the decision-making process.
  • In my work and behaviour, I don't emphasise appearance only to impress others. I win others over with honest contributions. 
  • I identify simple, uncomplicated solutions that cause as little work as possible.
  • I don't always take myself seriously and approach things with fun and ease.


  • I pursue projects independently and disciplined and stick to agreements.
  • I take the initiative and tackle the tasks that are of the greatest benefit to customers, the company and my team.
  • I communicate my mistakes in a proactive way.
  • I strive for well-founded, critical feedback that allows me to assess myself more and more accurately.
  • I never stop learning autonomously.


  • I strive to constantly improve myself and my surroundings and to explore new boundaries.
  • I pursue ideas and goals vigorously despite difficulties.
  • I inspire others with my energy and drive and move projects forward with this ability.
  • I achieve results that show a measurable benefit.
  • I celebrate achievements and learnings with my team.