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1. Morga Malt extract

Malt has always been used by certain chocolate or drinking chocolate manufacturers and is quite often that ingredient that gives a unique flavour note. Allergens - Cereals containing gluten 

Morga Malt extract (250 g)
Baking ingredients
Quantity discount
6.10per piece for 3 units24.40/1kg

Morga Malt extract

250 g

2. ScrapCooking Cotton candy

Hmmm... Cotton candy. How about starting up the cotton candy machine again this weekend and making a really delicious vanilla flavoured cotton candy for your family - and yourself, of course? This pre-mixed vanilla flavoured refill is enough for about 20 fluffy cotton candies. Easy to use and tasty to eat. 

3. ScrapCooking Sugar

Blue sugar for the perfect cotton candy.

4. Dr. Oetker Gelatine

The gelatine leaves are soaked in cold water and lightly squeezed. Stir the gelatine into the warm liquid to be gelled until it has dissolved. Allow to solidify in the refrigerator. The leaves can also be dissolved in the microwave at a mild heat. Dr. Oetker Gelatine Leaves are easy to portion. One pack (=12 leaves) is sufficient for 1 l of liquid. 

Dr. Oetker Gelatine (20 g)
Baking ingredients
Quantity discount
2.–per piece for 4 units100.–/1kg

Dr. Oetker Gelatine

20 g

5. Dr. Oetker Aroma Bourbon Vanilla Paste

Can be easily dosed and applied thanks to the practical tube.

Dr. Oetker Aroma Bourbon Vanilla Paste (100 g)
Baking ingredients
Quantity discount
10.40per piece for 2 units104.–/1kg

Dr. Oetker Aroma Bourbon Vanilla Paste

100 g

6. Morga Psyllium husks ground

Psyllium husks are the seed shells of the psyllium seed. They have hardly any calories and bind water. In gluten-free baking, they are used as a swelling agent and help to make the dough more supple. In this way, they give bread and baked goods a certain juiciness. In addition, they are also well suited for thickening puddings and other desserts as well as soups and sauces. 

Morga Psyllium husks ground (350 g)
Baking ingredients
Quantity discount
11.10per piece for 2 units31.71/1kg

Morga Psyllium husks ground

350 g

7. Schär mix B

With this baking mix your bread will be successful for sure. All you have to do is mix it with yeast, water and a pinch of salt and stir. This makes a nice dough, which after a visit to the oven becomes a bread rich in fibre with a golden crust. Diet and allergy information: gluten, wheat, egg, lactose, soya free. 

8. Dr. Oetker Gelatine Express

With Gelatine express from Dr. Oetker it is now even easier to prepare delicious cakes, desserts and much more. Because Gelatine express is added directly to the liquid without swelling or boiling - simply, quickly and without lumps. With Gelatine express, everyone can now prepare their favourite recipes easily and without any problems, so they can really enjoy them. 1 sachet is sufficient for 250 g cake filling or 250 g liquid. 

Dr. Oetker Gelatine Express
Baking ingredients
Quantity discount
2.50per piece for 4 units83.33/1kg

Dr. Oetker Gelatine Express

9. Starwax Baking soda

This food-grade baking soda from Starwax The fabulous is over 99% pure. It is perfect for cooking and dissolves completely in water. Baking soda can be used as a baking powder for making cakes, breads and cookies. It is also a natural whitener for teeth. In the kitchen, it helps you clean vegetables and fruits. Also known as food soda, baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, baking soda is a simple product for versatile use. Discover recipe ideas with food grade baking soda Starwax The fabulous in the book "My traditional recipes". 

Starwax Baking soda (1000 g)
Baking ingredients
Quantity discount
13.10per piece for 2 units13.10/1kg

Starwax Baking soda

1000 g

10. Häussler Baking malt

Baking malt gives breads and rolls a delicious aroma, a crispy crust, a juicy and wadded soft interior and accelerated fermentation. Baking malt is a natural product made from roasted and ground barley or immediately processed wheat. In this way you can bake aromatic and beautifully coloured rolls from a quickly rising dough in no time at all.