Best Caffè Borbone products in the Coffee capsules category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Caffè Borbone products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Caffè Borbone Respresso Blu

Enjoy Borbone BLU like royalty
With Borbone Miscela BLU you can enjoy a medium-bodied espresso for your Nespresso capsule machine. The espresso blend impresses with
a balanced crema and full body, which is achieved with Respresso Borbone BLU thanks to its 70% Robusta and 30% Arabica content. This blend will please espresso lovers who prefer a full-bodied and creamy espresso. 

Caffè Borbone Respresso Blu (100 x Port.)
Coffee capsules
25.70 CHF 0.26 CHF/1x Port.

Caffè Borbone Respresso Blu

100 x Port.

2. Caffè Borbone Respresso Red

This Respresso Rossa is an energetic coffee blend. This Borbone makes an Italian's heart beat faster, the coffee blend has wonderful strong tones. Respresso Rossa consists of the quality dosage of Arabica, a dark roast that promises equally full taste experience. With Borbone Red you transform your Nespresso coffee machine into an Italian coffee bar. If you love strong coffee? Then this Nespresso compatible capsule is your first choice. 

Caffè Borbone Respresso Red (100 x Port.)
Coffee capsules
25.70 CHF 0.26 CHF/1x Port.

Caffè Borbone Respresso Red

100 x Port.

3. Caffè Borbone Respresso Miscela Nera

An unwavering character that represents the true Neapolitan coffee tradition. The result of an exquisite selection of different blends created for a particularly full-bodied espresso. The perfect Nespresso compatible capsule for home and office.
Full and creamy like the espresso in the bar.

Caffè Borbone Respresso Miscela Nera (100 x Port.)
Coffee capsules
24.90 CHF 0.25 CHF/1x Port.

Caffè Borbone Respresso Miscela Nera

100 x Port.

4. Caffè Borbone Oro Respresso

Caffè Borbone Respresso Oro
Italian pleasure for your Nespresso household machine. The Respresso Oro blend is considered extremely smooth. The cream in the cup is
rather light and with less body. Repsresso Oro is the result of the best Arabica and Robusta, with the largest proportion being Arabica. An ideal coffee blend for longer drink creations. The sweet Arabica and the strong Robusta are in perfect harmony with each other, rounded off by various nuances of taste and a light honey note. 

Caffè Borbone Oro Respresso (100 x Port.)
Coffee capsules
32.60 CHF 0.33 CHF/1x Port.

Caffè Borbone Oro Respresso

100 x Port.

5. Caffè Borbone REBBLUNOBILE120P

Caffè Borbone REBBLUNOBILE120P. Product type: Coffee capsule, Drink types: Coffee, Coffee capsule/pod system: Nespresso. Weight: 5 g. Quantity per pack: 120 piece(s).

Caffè Borbone REBBLUNOBILE120P (120 x Port.)
Coffee capsules
52.90 CHF 0.44 CHF/1x Port.

Caffè Borbone REBBLUNOBILE120P

120 x Port.

6. Caffè Borbone Nobile Respresso

Noble, like the ancient art of Neapolitan coffee, this blend with a harmonious and balanced flavour is perfect for the most demanding palates. The ideal balance between body and aroma and its refined yet long-lasting flavour make it an incomparable coffee for true connoisseurs. The perfect blend to feel in harmony. The perfect balance between delicacy and flavour: with Miscela Nobile, one taste is enough to enjoy a pleasant break of delicious relaxation. For quick buyers of Caffè Borbone Respresso Nobile. 

Caffè Borbone Nobile Respresso (50 x Port.)
Coffee capsules
Quantity discount
14.90 CHF 0.30 CHF/1x Port.

Caffè Borbone Nobile Respresso

50 x Port.

7. Caffè Borbone Verde Respresso decaffeinated

The typical Napoli coffee pleasure without caffeine.
Experience an aromatic espresso blend with Borbone Green. In the cup, Respresso Borbone leaves a dark, firm
crema. This caffeine-free coffee retains all the typical coffee characteristics, thanks to an innovative way of removing the caffeine from the coffee without compromising the taste experience. The green Borbone for your Nespresso capsule machine is characterised by its robustness as well as a full-bodied taste. Try it out for yourself. 

Caffè Borbone Verde Respresso decaffeinated (100 x Port.)
Coffee capsules
29.70 CHF 0.30 CHF/1x Port.

Caffè Borbone Verde Respresso decaffeinated

100 x Port.

8. Caffè Borbone Ginseng

Caffè Ginseng for Nespresso household machines.
The natural energy of ginseng meets the intense and full-bodied taste of coffee - a pleasant relaxation for every
moment of the day. 

Caffè Borbone Ginseng (10 x Port.)
Coffee capsules
3.80 CHF 0.38 CHF/1x Port.

Caffè Borbone Ginseng

10 x Port.

9. Caffè Borbone Decisa Respresso

Caffè Borbone Decisa Respresso coffee capsule
A blend with a strong character. Respresso Decisa a 100% Robusta coffee capsule blend, with the best Robusta coffee
beans. A long-lasting taste experience with lots of roasted aromas. Start the day full of energy thanks to the Decisa blend.
For fast buyers of Caffè Borbone Respresso Decisa

100% Robusta
dark roast
strong body with a unique creaminess.

Caffè Borbone Decisa Respresso (50 x Port.)
Coffee capsules
15.90 CHF 0.32 CHF/1x Port.

Caffè Borbone Decisa Respresso

50 x Port.

10. Caffè Borbone Borbone Respresso Decaffeinated

Suitable:EspressoContent:50 pieces Legal notice: * The Nespresso® trademark is not owned by GiaMax GmbH, or other companies affiliated with it.

Caffè Borbone Borbone Respresso Decaffeinated (50 x Port.)
Coffee capsules
18.90 CHF 0.38 CHF/1x Port.

Caffè Borbone Borbone Respresso Decaffeinated

50 x Port.