Top-rated products in the Blood pressure monitors category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Beurer BM 58

Fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurements on the upper arm. Touch screen display. Arrhythmia detection. Large, easy to read LCD display. Network part suitable for use. Date and time. Automatic switch-off. Incl. batteries and storage bag. Low battery indicator. 

2. Medisana BU 510

The upper arm blood pressure monitor BU 510 from Medisana is ideal for fast and precise blood pressure measurement on the upper arm and is a reliable aid for regular blood pressure monitoring. The certified medical device offers two users 90 memory spaces each for the measured values. Its clear, easy-to-read display and an extra-large upper arm cuff for an arm circumference of 22 to 36 cm enable effortless use. The scope of delivery also includes a practical storage bag. 

3. Omron Evolv

The innovative all-in-one premium device with integrated preformed 360° Intelli Wrap cuff with contact intelligence for correct fit and more accurate measurement results. Extra flat all-in-one technology: no tube, no external cuff. Measurement results can be easily viewed, compared and, if necessary, forwarded using the Omron Connect App. 

4. Omron M3 Comfort

The M3 Comfort offers the precision and reliability you expect from Omron blood pressure monitors - clinically validated to the highest standards. The pre-formed 360° Intelli Wrap cuff with contact intelligence also ensures that the cuff is placed correctly on the upper arm. The cuff is suitable for practically all upper arm sizes. The M3 Comfort has many useful functions to help you interpret the measurement results easily, including the display for high blood pressure and irregular pulse. Thanks to specific validation in additional patient populations, this blood pressure monitor is also particularly suitable for diabetics and pregnant women. 

5. Withings BPM Connect

BPM Connect provides medically accurate measurement results and a history report that you can easily forward to your physician. The independent blood pressure measurement at home avoids the so-called white coat hypertension, recognizes masked hypertension and controls nightly hypertension. After the measurement, your measurement results appear directly on the display via an easy-to-read, colour-coded quick display based on the recommendations of the European Society for Hypertension (ESH). These colors also appear in the app that displays your complete data history. For forwarding all measurement data, BPM Connect provides a seamless connection via WLAN & Bluetooth to the free Health Mate app available for iOS and Android. WLAN synchronization allows forwarding during or after the measurement without a nearby smartphone. The data is automatically synchronized via your WLAN home network. The app offers you unlimited storage space. Features: -Free Data Storage: You get unlimited access to and complete control over your data at no additional cost, forever. -Can be used by several users: BPM Connect can be used by up to 8 people. The assignment of the measured values can be carried out directly via the device for the respective user. -Rechargeable battery: BPM Connect is charged via USB and has a runtime of up to 6 months after only one charge. -Reliable measurement routine thanks to reminder function: Set reminder notes for regular measurements in the app. -Compatible with Apple Health: Seamlessly synchronize with Apple Health to integrate or share your blood pressure & heart rate data. -Ideal for on the go: Thanks to its compact design, BPM Connect fits into the smallest travel bag and enables you to monitor your blood pressure regularly wherever you are. Compatibility: -iOS 10+ -Android 6.0+ Scope of delivery: -BPM Connect -Micro-USB cable -Guideline sheet -Installation instructions 

6. Omron M7 Intelli IT

The M7 intelli IT is a clinically validated Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitor that also detects possible atrial fibrillation (AFib). From Omron, the most recommended brand for home blood pressure measurement by cardiologists in Europe. 

7. Omron X7 Smart

The new premium device with the 360° Intelli Wrap cuff. The new X7 Smart is equipped with a special, clinically validated function to detect possible atrial fibrillation. Omron's new premium device includes many useful additional functions. For example, the dual-screen allows a current measurement result to be compared with any result from the measurement memory. Irregular heartbeat detection, various averaging functions and cuff fit control are just some of the useful additional functions of this device. The pre-formed 360° Intelli Wrap cuff with application intelligence ensures that the cuff is correctly positioned on the upper arm. The cuff is suitable for practically all upper arm sizes. With Omron Connect, the measurement data can also be transferred quickly and easily to a smartphone via Bluetooth connection. 

8. Beurer BM 85

Optimal blood pressure control via app and software - at any time and everywhere the values in view. In addition to its captivatingly beautiful design, the upper arm blood pressure monitor convinces with a variety of technical refinements. Sensor-Touch buttons, the large, white backlit display and the integrated resting indicator ensure user-friendly and reliable measurement of your blood pressure. Bluetooth for transmitting the measured values to your smartphone. Patented resting indicator. Inflation Technology: fast and convenient measurement. Fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement on the upper arm. Wireless transmission of the measurement results. PC interface / USB Power Power supply. Cuff holder. Ø of all stored measured values. Ø morning and evening blood pressure of the last 7 days. Illuminated START/STOP button. Perfectly readable, illuminated display. 2 x 60 memory locations. Risk indicator with LEDs. Arrhythmia detection. Medical device. For upper arm circumferences from 22 - 42 cm. Date and time / automatic switch-off. Message on application errors. Battery charge status. Storage bag. Li-Ion battery. Free download of the software and app "beurer HealthManager". 

9. Beurer BM 27

The cuff seat control and automatic reporting of application errors makes the application easier for you and helps to avoid measurement errors. This product is a modern blood pressure monitor for the upper arm, which enables a fully automatic, fast and comfortable measurement. The device playfully calculates the average value of all stored measured values. During the measurement, the blood pressure monitor can identify possible disturbances of the heart rhythm and draw your attention to them. 

10. Withings BPM Core blood pressure monitor

BPM Core provides medically accurate measurement results and a history report that you can easily forward to your doctor. The independent blood pressure measurement at home avoids the so-called white coat hypertension, recognizes masked hypertension and controls nightly hypertension. After each measurement you will receive a colour coded quick display of the values based on the recommendations of the European Society for Hypertension, ESH. Hypertension is the most common cause of heart disease and stroke and usually occurs without any noticeable symptoms.

BPM Core creates a medically accurate ECG thanks to the 3 electrodes with 2 electrodes in the cuff and 1 in the stainless steel tube that hold them during the measurement. The measured values are displayed on the device in real time and forwarded to the app. You get immediate feedback on whether or not there is evidence of atrial fibrillation. By applying the digital stethoscope to the breast during measurement, the highly sensitive sensor detects specific heart tone frequencies corresponding to the opening and closing of the heart valves.

The use of these sounds enables the proprietary artificial intelligence developed by cardiologists and interspersed with thousands of true heart sounds to detect potential disorders, which in turn can indicate a risk for the most common heart valve diseases.

Heart valve disease is characterized by a defect in the heart valves, which can lead to heart failure and in some cases requires surgical intervention. A heart valve disease can run for a long time without noticeable symptoms. Affected patients often have no knowledge of their disease and benefit from an early diagnosis.

BPM Core synchronizes seamlessly with the free Health Mate App. You have access to all your measurement data in the app or via your personal Withings account on your computer. Observe the progress of your values, forward them and use other functions.