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    Are heat patches really a hot tip for muscle tension?

    by Daniela Schuster

Plasters + Bandages

Buy your next plaster from us: whether blister plaster, children's plaster or other types of plaster - with us you will find any plaster, for example, from Hansaplast or Dermaplast for first aid.

Plasters belong in every medicine chest as well as in every first aid kit. Depending on the injury, other types of plasters are needed. For cuts, for example, a wound plaster helps best. Some also prefer a spray plaster, as it restricts movement less.

If you suffer from foot complaints, you will find suitable products under corn plasters or blister plasters.
By the way: Children love it when their plasters have funny motifs. That's why we offer a special category for children's plasters.

Browse through our assortment and find the right plaster for you.