Bandaging material

Discover a comprehensive selection of bandaging materials to address a variety of healthcare needs. Our range caters to both professional and personal use, ensuring you have the right supplies to manage wounds, provide support, and facilitate healing.

Newgen Medicals offers versatile cold and warm compresses, perfect for reducing swelling or soothing aches with temperature therapy. These easy-to-use compresses are a must-have in first aid kits and for post-injury care.

DermaPlast is recognized for its CoFix bandages, known for their flexibility and secure hold. Ideal for sprains or strains, CoFix provides the necessary support while staying comfortably in place, adapting to different body parts with ease.

The Hartmann brand brings you the reliability of ES Compresses sterile gauze, available in a 50-piece pack. These 5 cm x 5 cm sterile compresses are indispensable for wound dressing, offering a soft, absorbent layer that protects against infection.

Mölnlycke's Mesoft gauze squares are the go-to choice for wound care professionals. Mesoft's non-woven fabric is designed for maximum absorption and minimal linting, promoting a clean and efficient healing environment.

Lastly, Bort Medical's Elastic bandage takes the lead in providing compression and support. Whether for sports injuries or recovery, these bandages stretch to conform to the body, ensuring stability without compromising comfort.

These top brands—Newgen Medicals, DermaPlast, Hartmann, Mölnlycke, and Bort Medical—represent the pinnacle of quality in bandaging material. Each offers innovative solutions designed to cater to various medical requirements, assuring you receive the best in care and comfort.