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1. Hansaplast Scars reduction

Whether it is a car accident, an operation or any other type of injury, many of life's unfortunate events leave their mark as scars. While almost everyone has one or more scars that remind them of such situations, some scars can be more critical than others. In addition to possible physical pain and discomfort, there can be psychological impairment and reduced self-confidence, especially if scars are on visible parts of the body Hansaplast Scar Reduction is a transparent, self-adhesive polyurethane patch. Products made of this material have been used in professional wound care for years. The plasters do not contain any active ingredients (pharmaceuticals) that can cause side effects. They are a safe and efficient way to effectively reduce raised and coloured hypertrophic scars or keloid scars. 

2. Compeed blister plaster

For the treatment of large blisters on the heel Immediate relief of pain and pressure Rapid wound healing and protection against friction Adheres securely for several days and thus supports rapid regeneration of the skin 

3. Hansaplast Hansaplast Classic

Hansaplast Classic is a breathable, textile wound dressing for quick, easy and hygienic treatment of various wounds. - Extra strong adhesive strength - Breathable material - Can be cut to size individually 

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Hansaplast Hansaplast Classic

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4. Hansaplast Narben Reduktion Pflaster XL

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5. Compeed Blister plaster Extreme for heel

Compeed Blister Plaster Extreme with advanced hydrocolloid technology for instant pain relief and accelerated wound healing. The special honeycomb structure provides 20% more cushioning and thus protects against pressure and friction even during heavy use. The Compeed Blister Plaster Extreme was developed primarily for particularly large and painful blisters, such as those that can occur during sports and hiking. Fast pain relief thanks to innovative hydrocolloid technology. The padding of the plaster reduces the pressure on the blister. Compeed blister plasters for fast wound healing 

6. Lifemed Plaster dressing

The self-adhesive plaster bandage from Lifemed® is used to protect minor injuries and to securely fix wound dressings as well as to stabilise joints. The stretchable plaster bandage adheres to itself and offers a pleasant wearing comfort. The size can be easily adjusted by tearing. The water-resistant plaster dressing adheres even when in contact with water. 

7. Quick Aid Bandage plaster

Quick Aid is self-adhesive and therefore does not stick to skin, hair or wounds. Tear off a suitable piece and place it around the injury once or twice. For heavy bleeding, shape a piece of Quick Aid dressing like a "pillow" to create a tourniquet. For heavy bleeding, use multiple layers. Quick Aid is an innovative new product that works as both a plaster and a bandage. The bandage fits all types of small wounds, regardless of heat, cold, wet or dry. 

8. Cica Care Silicone gel scar dressing

Cica-Care Silicone Gel Dressing is a self-adhering silicone gel dressing that has been shown in clinical studies to significantly improve reddened and raised scars in up to 90% of cases. Up to 4 weeks of repeated use with one dressing. 

9. Thermacare Heat pads

Deeply effective muscle relaxation without medicaments. ThermaCare soothes muscular pain in the neck, shoulder and arm areas. ThermaCare thermal pads unfold the recommended therapeutic heat of 40°C over a period of at least 12 hours. In contrast to the back cover, it was technically possible to use a larger amount of iron powder in the heat cells for the neck rest. This allows the heat to be held even longer. ThermaCare heat pads uniquely combine the positive mechanisms of long-term warmth and deep warmth for targeted and effective pain relief for the neck, shoulder and arms. In addition, the heat pad adapts very well to the area of your neck, shoulder and arms and is thin enough to be worn discreetly under your clothes. Thermacare pain relieving heat pads for neck and shoulders. To relieve pain in the neck, shoulder and arm areas, ThermaCare neck warmers can generate effective deep heat for up to twelve hours. Here, too, the recommended therapeutic temperature of 40°C is maintained continuously. This is technically possible due to a larger amount of iron powder in the heat cells, in contrast to the back compresses, which have a heat effect of about eight hours. Ingredients: iron powder, salt, activated carbon and water. 

10. Breathe Right Nose plaster

Nasal plasters for better breathing during sports, snoring, poor nasal breathing. The strips are free of chemical additives and act purely mechanically. By sticking the nose opening is slightly expanded, so that more oxygen can be absorbed.