Hair gel

Hair gel is a popular hair care product used to keep hair in shape and give it a firm hold. It is applied to dry hair and can be used for both short and long hair. There are different types of hair gel that have different durabilities and textures.

Hair pomade is a conditioning and styling product used to smooth and tame hair. It is applied to dry hair and is especially good for thick or curly hair as it helps to control the hair better. Pomades are usually oil-based and therefore give a shiny finish.

Hair wax is a thick and rather sticky product that is used to keep the hair in shape and give a strong hold. Unlike pomade, the product is wax-based. It is applied to dry hair and is particularly suitable for short hair. Unlike hair gel, the product does not dry out, but retains its moist and shiny texture.

Hair pastes come in very different thicknesses and strengths and are therefore suitable for pretty much all hair types. The finish tends to be matte and the durability varies greatly depending on the thickness of the paste.

Compared to gel, pomade and wax, hair creams are not meant to fix the hair. Rather, they help to smooth out protruding hair. That's why the products have a light to medium hold. If you're going for a natural or casual look, you're well equipped with a hair cream.