Best Wella products in the Hair gel category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Wella products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Wella Eimi Grip

With Wella Professional's Grip you create and design an unmistakable look. The soft, textured cream - suitable for long and short hair. Developed with Brazilian Carnauba wax for strong and flexible hold. 

Wella Eimi Grip (Hair cream, 75 ml)
Hair gel
Quantity discount
13.20per piece for 2 units176.–/1l

Wella Eimi Grip

Hair cream, 75 ml


2. Wella Eimi Sculpt Force

The Flubber- by Wella Professionals is perfect to let you become creative. Create styles with expressive shapes and high gloss. Protects the hair from UV damage.

Wella Eimi Sculpt Force (Hair gel, 250 ml)
Hair gel

Wella Eimi Sculpt Force

Hair gel, 250 ml


3. Wella Pearl Styler

The Pearl Styler gives your hair a great hold, texture and a nice grip. The Pearl Styler provides a strong hold all day long with a super pearlescent finish that shines beautifully silky. 

Wella Pearl Styler (Hair gel, 150 ml)
Hair gel

Wella Pearl Styler

Hair gel, 150 ml


4. Wella EIMI Rugged Texture

Structure and define with this modelling paste Wella Eimi Rugged Texture a trendy, flexible look with matt effect and strong hold.

Wella EIMI Rugged Texture (Hair cream, 150 ml)
Hair gel

Wella EIMI Rugged Texture

Hair cream, 150 ml


5. Wella EIMI Pearl Styler

The styling pearl styler by Wella Professionals Eimi is a pearl shine that gives your hair extra strong, flexible hold and an enticing texture and a silky shimmering shine. Your hair is protected against UV damage. With the Pearl Styler, accents can be set. 

Wella EIMI Pearl Styler (Hair gel, 100 ml)
Hair gel
Quantity discount
8.45per piece for 3 units84.50/1l

Wella EIMI Pearl Styler

Hair gel, 100 ml


6. Wella Eimi Rugged Texture

Structure and define with this modelling paste Wella Eimi Rugged Texture a trendy, flexible look with matt effect and strong hold.

Wella Eimi Rugged Texture (Hair cream, 75 ml)
Hair gel

Wella Eimi Rugged Texture

Hair cream, 75 ml


7. Wella EIMI Curl Shaper

EIMI Curl Shaper the 72 hour curl defining cream gel. Want glossy curl definition? Want absolute control and bounce? With this curl enhancing styling cream gel, you'll get it in a flash and it lasts for 72 hours too. 

Wella EIMI Curl Shaper (Hair gel, Hair cream, 150 ml)
Hair gel
Quantity discount
13.30per piece for 2 units88.67/1l

Wella EIMI Curl Shaper

Hair gel, Hair cream, 150 ml


8. Wella Eimi Texture Touch

Edit your styling with the Texture Touch from Wella Professionals Eimi. The matte, defining modeling putty lets you redefine your look all day long. With a formula containing minerals and beeswax for good hold and beautiful flexibility. Directions: Pour a small amount into the palms of your hands until it is evenly distributed, then massage into dry hair. 

Wella Eimi Texture Touch (Hair paste, 75 ml)
Hair gel

Wella Eimi Texture Touch

Hair paste, 75 ml


9. Wella EIMI Sculpt Force

Wella Professionals Sculpt Force (125ml). The flubber from Wella Professionals for extra strong hold. Get creative! Create your individual style with expressive shapes and high gloss. Protects your hair from UV damage. 

Wella EIMI Sculpt Force (Hair gel, 125 ml)
Hair gel

Wella EIMI Sculpt Force

Hair gel, 125 ml


10. Wella Eimi Just Brilliant

The brilliant gloss pomade from is the perfect styling product for your wet look. Because not only on the catwalks and fashion shows stars and models shine with the wet look again. The look where wet looking hair is styled is back in fashion. And with the Just Brilliant pomade you can easily style your hair in wet look. 

Wella Eimi Just Brilliant (Hair cream, 75 ml)
Hair gel

Wella Eimi Just Brilliant

Hair cream, 75 ml