Wartner Cryotherapy

Callus removers, 50 ml
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Common warts (prickly warts) generally appear on the hands, knees and elbows. They can be recognized by their rough, cauliflower-like appearance.
Thorn warts (foot sole warts) are very similar to prickly warts, but appear only on the sole of the foot and are usually much flatter and sometimes covered by cornea and fissures. Wartner uses the same technique that is used by doctors. With Wartner you can ice the wart effectively and quickly. Wartner freezes the wart with only one application, so it usually falls off within 10 - 14 days. New, healthy skin has already formed under the wart during this time. Based on the principle of the liquid oxygen method as applied by doctors. Wartner's helping. Wartner is a product for the whole family and can also be used on children from 4 years. Ingredients: One package contains: - 1 spray can with liquid gas mixture - 1 reusable plastic holder - 12 Disposable foam applicators - 1 reusable file CE - 1 instruction manual.

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Foot care type
Callus removers
Care need
Easing, Reassurance
50 ml
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Men, Women

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Foot care type
Callus removers
Care need
Easing, Reassurance
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50 ml

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