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Unique 2 in 1 wart treatment -Combination of cryotherapy and gel treatment -Effective wart treatment -Treatment duration 5 days -Easy to apply -Clinically proven efficacy -Winner of the Pharma Awards 2018
for the most innovative product -Excilor 2 in 1 Wart Stop treats warts both from the inside out (cryotherapy) and from the outside in (gel treatment). -Excilor 2 in 1 Wart Stop provides highly effective and rapid wart removal in just 5 days. -Both the thickened skin of the wart and the causative virus are removed and new, healthy skin can grow back. -Cryotherapy is applied once on the 1st day of the treatment cycle, followed from the 2nd day by the four-day gel treatment, which is applied twice a day. -In the first application, only one wart is treated to observe the effect on the skin. Only then should other warts be treated. A second wart should only be treated if (usually within 5 days) no side effects are observed. If several warts are close together (within 1 cm of each other), wait until the skin has calmed down (this can take up to 6 weeks) before treating another wart. -If the wart does not disappear completely, the treatment can be repeated up to 3 times. Wait at least 4 days and no more than 1 week before treating again, then repeat the entire treatment cycle.

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