Braun Pulse oximeter 1

Respiratory disease is usually accompanied by reduced lung function, which can lead to lower blood oxygen levels. If it's important for you to measure blood oxygen levels, the Braun Pulse Oximeter 1 is practical, clear and convenient. Measure effortlessly and accurately with the simple finger clip. Read the results instantly on the rotating backlit OLED display. Convenient strap allows you to always have it with you.Measures oxygen saturation (% SpO2), pulse rate and pulse amplitude. Reliable results clinically validated to meet European standards (CE marked). Clips conveniently onto the finger. Clear results are shown on the rotating backlit display Convenient strap for use on the go. Suitable for adults (>18+) suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia or sleep apnea. Also ideal for athletes

Key specifications

Data analysis
Measurement capabilities
Heart rate (pulse), Xxygen saturation
Pulse Oximeter Features
Automatic switch-off, Measurement on the finger
Data transmission
Accuracy ± Oxygen Actuation
2 %
Power supply
Battery operated
Measuring accuracy ± heart rate
2 bpm
Item number