AliveCor Kardia Mobile

Fda approved personal Ekg monitor in clinical quality. Cardiamobile records a medical Ekg anywhere and anytime in 30 seconds. -detect atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia or normal heart rhythm. -used by the world's leading cardiac care professionals and patients. Over 60 million Ekgs have been recorded. -Store your Ekgs on your phone and email your Ekg to your doctor at the touch of a button. -Join Kardiacare- and benefit from exclusive features such as Ekg evaluations for cardiologists, automatic reporting, monthly heart health reports and discounted equipment replacement.

Key specifications

Data analysis
Android, iOS
Measurement capabilities
Heart rate (pulse), Pulse modulation index (PMI)
Pulse Oximeter Features
Measurement on the finger, Painless measurement
Data transmission
Power supply
Battery operated
Item number

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