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The secret Korean ingredient I mix into my foundation

Take foundation, add a drop of this Korean beauty elixir and poof – you have perfect skin for life. OK, that's slightly exaggerated, but your makeup will definitely look better. Take my word for it!

I’ve always thought of serum as a waste of time and money. At least, that’s the official version. Secretly, I was hoping these tiny bottles of liquid would fill me with endless enthusiasm and make my skin glow with perfection. Sure, most of the ones I previously tested felt lovely – I’m not complaining – but none of them were true life changers.

And then along comes the Korean beauty brand Thank You Farmer with its True Water Deep Serum. Same procedure as every year – I gave this serum the cold shoulder at first. But then I started to feel sorry for this cute little bottle that was sitting on my dresser all on its own. Outside, the rain was pattering on the window and I could almost hear Céline Dion singing 'All By Myself'. That’s when I decided to give this product a try. This was one week ago and I can honestly say, not a single day has passed hat I didn’t use and love this serum.

True Water Deep Serum (serum, 60ml)
Thank you Farmer True Water Deep Serum (serum, 60ml)
A deep hydrating serum with a unique texture.


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Just mix it in

A serum is usually applied after cleansing the face and before moisturising it. I just mix mine into the foundation. This has the following advantages:

  • I save time
  • the foundation melts into my skin more easily and can be thinned out if necessary
  • my makeup doesn’t look or feel as heavy
  • my skin looks firmer, nourished and moisturised all day long
  • the makeup stays fresh and radiant for a longer time and my skin looks more natural

The foundation-serum ratio you go for depends on your preferences and the foundation you're using. Make sure it isn't oil-based or you won't get the desired result by mixing the two. What will happen? Your face will feel a little stickier than usual, but you can fix that with plenty of powder.

Either mix the serum into your foundation in a container
...or mix the two on your brush.

Why? That’s why!

You’re probably wondering why this serum is so much better than any other one. To begin, let’s take on a marketing perspective. This serum has the following advantages:

  • concentrated formula with the purpose of rejuvenating and hydrating the skin
  • revitalises the skin’s outer layer and corrects fine lines
  • vitamins B5 and B8, obtained from rice bran, moisturises and vitalises the skin

From my point of view, the explanation is much simpler: It looks and feels awesome! My makeup blends into my skin so perfectly since I discovered this serum that I could almost swear I'm not wearing any foundation – even when I take a close look and even after hours. Honestly, the positive effects on my skin are still visible in the evening.

Whether you're using this serum on its own or mixing it with your foundation, it's definitely a good product. Just take a look at the perfect skin of these K-Pop boy band members and you'll understand where it comes from. It definitely has nothing to do with good genes, that’s for sure...

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