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Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Donau Magnetic bowl set

Magnetic storage for various small metallic parts such as screws, nuts, clamps, etc. with a load-bearing capacity of approx. 650g/cm². Rubberized magnetic adhesive area for scratch-free fixing of the shell in various places, also upside down. Included are two round trays with a diameter of 75 mm and two square trays (64 x 93 mm). 

2. Donau Magnet tray

Magnetic storage possibility for various small metal parts such as screws, nuts, clamps, etc. with a load capacity of approx. 650g/cm². Rubberized magnetic adhesive area for scratch-free fixing of the bowl in a wide variety of places, even overhead. 

3. Jamara Foil Iron Digi Control Iron

1. precise digital temperature control from 100 to 220°C or 212 to 428 (Fahrenheit).
2. the LCD display shows the exact and current temperature
Selectable between Celsius or Fahrenheit.
4. increased thermostatic control accuracy.
5. perfect for any heat shrink or stretch film.
6. new iron makes work easier.
7. teflon-coated iron prevents scratches.
8. safety stand and iron sock included.
9. special handle design made of thermoplastic elastomer offers comfortable handling.
10. this iron will automatically switch off after 6 hours of use.

4. Revell Mixing Cups

Robust plastic cups for mixing small and large quantities of paint. The practical scale with graduation in ml and fl. oz. additionally facilitates dosing.

5. Revell Masking tape 10m x 6mm

High-quality masking tape for perfect painting of your model! Reliably prevents paint from running during painting High adhesive strength Very supple Removable without a trace Main features Functions Product color Yellow Self-adhesive Yes Weight & Dimensions Length 10 m Width 6 mm Packaging information Packaging type Display package Contents of packaging Quantity 1. 

6. Revell Pipette set

The pipettes are available in a set of 6 with a ml scale for precise colour dosing.

7. Donau Mini double open-end wrench set

7-piece double open-end wrench set in small sizes and the following wrench sizes: 3 / 3.2 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 mm. Angled in 15° and 75°.

8. Muc-Off Cleaning brush

Thanks to its particularly stiff bristles, this cleaning brush leaves even the most stubborn dirt no chance. Contamination in hard-to-reach areas can be effectively removed. 

9. Yeah Racing Track Day Tool Set

Yeah Racing Tool Set Track Day. Tools: screwdrivers, gauges, body drills, scissors, turnbuckle drivers and socket wrenches. Includes 2 LiPo bags. 1.5 mm hexagonal screwdriver

2.0 mm hexagonal screwdriver
2.5 mm hexagonal screwdriver
3.0 mm hexagonal screwdriver
Ride height gauge
Downstop Gauge

Set contains: 2x Droop Block, body drill, curved scissors, camber gauge, turnbuckle driver, 2x lipo pocket, 5.5 mm socket wrench, 7.0 mm socket wrench.

10. Yeah Racing Lexan scissors curved

Yeah Racing Lexan scissors curved, stainless steel, curved, stainless steel.