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I'm sure you remember your first rocking animal. Depending on how old you are now, you had a classic wooden rocking horse or already a cool dino, a sheep, a Maya the Bee or even a design rocking animal in rhinoceros form, perhaps even in cuddly fabric material. There are no limits to your fantasy, either with the rocking animal itself or when playing. According to the manufacturer, rocking animals are not only fun, they also train motor skills and the sense of balance, in addition, the rocking should even have a calming effect. We can generally recommend rocking animals from an age of one year, if your child is older and can hold on to himself well, you can also give a bigger rocking animal or one of our mounts. In principle, however, you should never leave your child unattended while rocking and always ensure sufficient safety. Find the right horse or animal in our online shop for rocking brands like Pinolino, Childhome, Nattou, little bird told me, Small foot, Hape and many more.

For whom a rocking animal is too boring or whose child wants a real horse: A real horse is too expensive? Your little darling is too young to learn to ride? How about a standing animal: a standing or rolling plush horse, about 50 centimetres high, with saddle and cuddly mane. We have several such mounts in our assortment. From the cowboy horse to Wendy and the spotted "little uncle" from Pippi Longstocking, the choice is big. Occasionally also a zebra, elephant or unicorn get lost in the selection of the suitable standing animal. The majority of the animals available online are about 50 centimetres high and can carry up to 100 kilos. Most of these mounts stand safely on the ground, some even have castors. This allows your child to move forward on the mount with the appropriate movements. Newer models offer sound effects and come with matching accessories. Brands such as Heunec, PonyCycle, small foot, Happy People or Childhome recommend the standing animals from an age of two years. For the very little ones bouncing or rocking animals are more suitable.

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