Balance bikes

For a child, the wheel is the perfect introduction to the world of bicycles and the ideal preparation for the first children's bike. The baby walker is used to train the motor skills, sense of balance and driving feeling of children from about one and a half years of age on at an early age.

A bicycle is basically a child's bicycle without pedals. The different models differ mainly in weight, material, construction and ergonomics as well as in price. As a general rule, the higher the quality of the child's wheel, the lower its weight and the better it can be balanced and controlled by children. It is especially important that the wheels can "grow" with the little ones, that the saddle can be adjusted in height. Also a height-adjustable handlebar is definitely a plus. Among the top products are the wheels of the brands Early Rider, LIKEaBIKE and Puky.

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Scoot & Ride - Scooter Highwaykick 1

Scoot & Ride - Highway kick 1

Puky - LR M

Janod - llama

Early Rider - Runner Big Foot

Early Rider - Runner Charger

Puky - Puky My first PUKY , Pukylino red / white

Puky - Laufrad LR M Classic

LIKEaBIKE - Mountain

Early Rider - Classic

Early Rider - Bonsai

LIKEaBIKE - Kokua Jumper

Puky - LR M Plus

Puky - LR M

Wishbone - 3 in 1 Bike