Best products in the Balance bikes category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Chillafish Running Wheel Charlie (black)

Running Wheel Charlie Chillafish Charlie is a hyper lightweight 10 wheel running wheel with puncture free tires and a high quality metal frame weighing only 5.5lbs / 2.5kg. The perfect toy to train your child's motor skills, balance and coordination. The molded comfort seat and handlebars are easily adjustable in height. The seat is adjustable from 11-14.5 inches / 28-37 cm and the handlebars can be adjusted from 18.7-19.8 inches / 47.6-50.4 cm. Thanks to its lightweight frame, your child can easily steer the bike and combined with the integrated carry handle, it makes it easy for parents to carry it as well. The puncture-free 10-inch EVA tires are really comfortable: no need to inflate the tires anymore, just fun from now on. Charlie comes in a myriad of stylish colors, from cool red to stylish vintage variations. There's a style for every child. The Charlie wheel will help your kids learn to ride a real bike in no time! Recommended age: 18 months to 48 months. Recommended child height between 33-42 inches / 85-105 cm. 

2. Chillafish Running Wheel Charlie Glow

Running Wheel Charlie Glow

Chillafish Charlie Glow is a hyper lightweight 10 balance trainer with integrated light-up wheels when riding for extra fun and visibility.
The LED lights in the wheels don't need any batteries, they are simply powered by riding the Charlie Glow - the faster you go, the harder they glow!

This balance bike has puncture-proof tires and a high-quality metal frame weighing only 5,5 lbs / 2,5 kg. The perfect toy to train your toddler gross motor skills, balance and steering.
The custom molded comfort seat and handlebar are easily adjustable in height. The seat is adjustable from 11-14,6 inch / 28-37 cm and the handlebar can adjust from 18,9-20,1 inch / 48-51 cm.

Thanks to its lightweight frame your toddler can easily control the bike and, in combination with the integrated carry handle, it makes it easy for us parents to carry it as well.
The light-up wheels are an extra fun factor and provide extra visibility when riding.
The no-puncture 10-inch EVA tires are really comfortable: no need to inflate the tires anymore, no puncture risk, from now on only fun!

Charlie Glow comes in 3 stylish colors, so there's a style for every child.

Integrating high-quality design in a very lightweight and intuitive product at very sharp pricing, Charlie Glow for sure is the best value for money balance bike you'll find. Years of fun and skills to train!
Charlie Glow balance bike will teach your kids to ride a real bicycle in no time!

Recommended age: 18-48 months
Recommended kids height: 31,5-41,3 inch / 80-105 cm.

3. Early Rider Runner Charger

High quality wheels like the Early Rider Runner Charger 12 have made the company's products a popular option over the years to introduce many children to cycling. The Early Rider Runner Charger 12 is a wheel made of high quality materials, which is suitable for children between the ages of two and four. The impeller has an aluminium-diamond frame. In addition, the special concept of the product is designed for particularly high performance. The Early Rider Runner Charger 12 also has an intelligent and beautiful constitution of the aluminium tubes. The high-quality and extremely light aluminium rims of the wheel make the Early Rider Runner Charger 12 one of the lightest wheels on the market. With a weight of only 3.25kg you don't have to worry about the wheel being too heavy. Due to the low weight, you can take the product to any place without any problems. In addition, the Early Rider Runner Charger 12 has an anatomically ideally adapted, custom-made synthetic leather saddle, which ensures that your child feels perfectly comfortable when using the bike. The impeller also has an integrated headset and an aluminium stem. The saddle height of the Runner Charger 12 is easily adjustable to ensure that children of any height can use the bike. The minimum seat height of only 31 cm, for example, ensures that even very small children can use the bike without any problems. The handlebar impact limiter can also be easily adjusted individually via an integrated rubber ring. Assembling the bike after purchase is very easy. Only the front wheel still has to be fitted by you. In addition, the impeller is hand-brushed and painted. The tyres of the Early Rider Runner Charger 12 are also well made and offer your child a good grip on any surface. The rims of the wheel are anodized. This ensures that a protective layer is formed on the aluminium of the rims. The Early Rider Runner Charger 12 wheel is undoubtedly a very good choice to help your child make the transition from running to cycling. Features of the Early Rider Runner Charger 12: Adjustable saddle height from 31cm Adjustable handlebar impact limit Hand brushed and painted aluminium finish Easy to assemble Low weight of 3.25 kilograms Recommended from a stride length of 37cm Anodized rims Sporty design 

4. Early Rider Super Velio

The Velio is designed to help children from 10 months develop coordination, balance and become mobile. It actively encourages the child to develop their coordination and balance skills but in a safe way that allows us to provide the necessary support.

There are two important aids when using the Velio:
The tiller fits into the frame so you can push and steer the Velio. You You can initiate movements that trigger a counter-reaction or decide how much leichgewichtsupport you give, so that control over the child's development is firmly in your hands.

The Active Balance Control System is a magical mechanism that slows the child's fall and gives them the extra moments they need to coordinate a movement that keeps them balanced.
The assistance can be changed by simply turning the bezel above the rear wheel above the rear wheel. A more responsive setting is preferred by a novice rider, while a firmer, stiffer setting is more suitable when developing.

It's all about finding the right balance.

5. Lionelo Bart Air

Lionelo Bart Air running bike from 2 years up to 30 kg, magnesium frame, 12 inch wheels, steering wheel and saddle height adjustable, steering wheel lock, footrest, carrying handle, ultra light. Thanks to the wheel, your child can train from an early age to keep balance, coordinate and strengthen muscles. Height adjustment of saddle (35-43 cm) and steering wheel (50-57 cm) makes Bart Air useful for a long time and the child does not grow out so quickly. Provides not only the highest resistance to damage, but also light weight of the bike only 3.8 kg. Seamless frame construction, combined with reinforced frame walls, provides excellent stability. Bart Air kids wheel equipped with pumped 12-inch tread wheels, provides grip and maneuverability. Durable tire tubes and tires, as well as metal fasteners, steel bearings and rims ensure high resistance to damage. Steering wheel grips are made of non-slip material and protect the hands of the child in case of a fall. In addition, they were secured against unwanted slipping on the steering wheel. Steering lock, edges of the bike are rounded. Full compliance with the European safety standard EN 71. Which can serve as a comfortable footrest for your child. The frame has provided a convenient carrying handle. In combination with the lightweight Bart Air construction, it is extremely easy to transport. Ideal for on the go. 

6. Puky LR M Classic

Vehicle type: Pushbike, Recommended age: 2 years, Features: Height-adjustable seat, Stand, Accessory basket/net, Height-adjustable handlebar, Tyre type: Rubber, Colour detail: Green, Wheel diameter: 8.4. 

7. Puky LR M

Vehicle type: Wheel, Recommended age from: 2 years, Equipment: Height-adjustable handlebars; Height-adjustable seat, Tyre type: Plastic tyres, Colour: Red, Material: Aluminium, Load capacity: 25 kg. 

8. Early Rider Classic

With it's wide fat boy tyre, low centre of gravity, slackened headset angle, this is surely the most stable learner bike of all, as well as the coolest. So easy to ride for the smaller tots despite it's larger size, and it's bigger frame & 14" front wheel allows your child to get more out of the bike for longer. 

9. Creme Cycles Mia

Forget noisy training wheels. There is no better way to teach your kids to ride thank to put them on a balance bike. Most children can start scooting around within a few hours, and the sense of balance they acquire will make it easy for them to step up to pedal bikes later. The Mia is uber cute and even comes with a minature wicker basket. It has adjustable seat and handlebar height that will let the bike grow with your child. 

10. Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Plus Pink

The Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Plus Rosa Laufrad is the larger version of the popular Tiny Tot and is just like the small version a 2-in-1 wheel that can be easily converted from a tricycle to a two-wheeler once the child is tall enough. The seat height is adjustable from 25 to 34cm, allowing children aged 18 months to 4 years to use the Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Plus Rosa running bike.

The running wheel is handmade from fast-growing birch. The choice of material is an ecological one. For every Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Plus Rosa running wheel sold, a tree is planted in collaboration with Trees for the Future!..