Top-rated products in the Balance bikes category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Puky LR M

With the LR M wheel, PUKY offers an exciting addition to the classic scooter. In a completely new way you can bring your child into movement from the age of 2 and make him/her fit for the bicycle at the same time. The advantage: The PUKY wheel trains the sense of balance and gives children a safe feeling at the same time, because they feel ground under their feet every time they move. And because older children also like to be on the road with the wheel, it simply grows with the wheel thanks to its adjustable components. 

2. Chillafish Running Wheel Charlie (black)

Running Wheel Charlie Chillafish Charlie is a hyper lightweight 10 wheel running wheel with puncture free tires and a high quality metal frame weighing only 5.5lbs / 2.5kg. The perfect toy to train your child's motor skills, balance and coordination. The molded comfort seat and handlebars are easily adjustable in height. The seat is adjustable from 11-14.5 inches / 28-37 cm and the handlebars can be adjusted from 18.7-19.8 inches / 47.6-50.4 cm. Thanks to its lightweight frame, your child can easily steer the bike and combined with the integrated carry handle, it makes it easy for parents to carry it as well. The puncture-free 10-inch EVA tires are really comfortable: no need to inflate the tires anymore, just fun from now on. Charlie comes in a myriad of stylish colors, from cool red to stylish vintage variations. There's a style for every child. The Charlie wheel will help your kids learn to ride a real bike in no time! Recommended age: 18 months to 48 months. Recommended child height between 33-42 inches / 85-105 cm. 

3. Like a Bike Kokua Jumper

LIKEaBIKE Jumper with elastomer-sprung swingarm sets new standards. The lightweight frame made of brushed aluminium 7005 with a large oval tube convinces with its enormous stability. The aluminum fork is supported by an Ahead headset. The standard steering damper assists your child in his or her first driving tests - it can be easily dismantled later on. The wheels are constructed with aluminium hubs and rims as well as stainless steel spokes. Two aluminium seat posts allow a wide adjustment range of the saddle height (34-47 cm). 

4. Puky LR M Classic

Vehicle type: Pushbike, Recommended age: 2 years, Features: Height-adjustable seat, Stand, Accessory basket/net, Height-adjustable handlebar, Tyre type: Rubber, Colour detail: Green, Wheel diameter: 8.4. 

5. Early Rider Runner Charger

High quality wheels like the Early Rider Runner Charger 12 have made the company's products a popular option over the years to introduce many children to cycling. The Early Rider Runner Charger 12 is a wheel made of high quality materials, which is suitable for children between the ages of two and four. The impeller has an aluminium-diamond frame. In addition, the special concept of the product is designed for particularly high performance. The Early Rider Runner Charger 12 also has an intelligent and beautiful constitution of the aluminium tubes. The high-quality and extremely light aluminium rims of the wheel make the Early Rider Runner Charger 12 one of the lightest wheels on the market. With a weight of only 3.25kg you don't have to worry about the wheel being too heavy. Due to the low weight, you can take the product to any place without any problems. In addition, the Early Rider Runner Charger 12 has an anatomically ideally adapted, custom-made synthetic leather saddle, which ensures that your child feels perfectly comfortable when using the bike. The impeller also has an integrated headset and an aluminium stem. The saddle height of the Runner Charger 12 is easily adjustable to ensure that children of any height can use the bike. The minimum seat height of only 31 cm, for example, ensures that even very small children can use the bike without any problems. The handlebar impact limiter can also be easily adjusted individually via an integrated rubber ring. Assembling the bike after purchase is very easy. Only the front wheel still has to be fitted by you. In addition, the impeller is hand-brushed and painted. The tyres of the Early Rider Runner Charger 12 are also well made and offer your child a good grip on any surface. The rims of the wheel are anodized. This ensures that a protective layer is formed on the aluminium of the rims. The Early Rider Runner Charger 12 wheel is undoubtedly a very good choice to help your child make the transition from running to cycling. Features of the Early Rider Runner Charger 12: Adjustable saddle height from 31cm Adjustable handlebar impact limit Hand brushed and painted aluminium finish Easy to assemble Low weight of 3.25 kilograms Recommended from a stride length of 37cm Anodized rims Sporty design 

6. Early Rider Bonsai

Once again Early Rider proves that setting trends is more fun than waiting. The magnificent Early Rider Bonsai has come home. A combination of the beauty of a wooden wheel with the advantages of an aluminium frame. This wheel breaks the boundaries between design, performance and price. 

7. Pinolino Lino

Thanks to the six-way adjustable seat it can be used as a chopper or wheel. The neutral and natural design makes the wheel ideal for girls or boys and offers plenty of scope for individual design ideas. The pneumatic tyres guarantee a comfortable driving feeling. 

8. Early Rider Big Foot 12

It will love the speed and the driving experience. Children can train their motor skills and balance with the Early Rider Big Foot. As soon as they can ride safely with the Early Rider Big Foot, this will also strengthen their self-confidence. In addition, mastery of a wheel is the good prerequisite and exercise for learning to ride a bike. In addition, your child's leg muscles are trained and he or she can learn to use their strength in different ways. The tyres of Early Rider Big Foot have studs. For this reason the impeller does not only run well on smooth and firm surfaces. It can also be used well on forest, meadow or sand paths. On smaller hills, your child can easily adjust speed and brake thanks to the brake on the front wheel, which works with a short lever range. With a low top tube, the Early Rider Big Foot is perfectly adapted to the needs of smaller children and allows them to easily ascend and descend. The aluminium frame and diamond shape ensure that the Early Rider Big Foot is extremely robust and stable, no matter what terrain it is used in. Features Early Rider Big Foot: Lightweight aluminium frame and extremely robust helps to train the children's balance Optimal basis for easy learning to ride a bike later on Also suitable for forest trails thanks to the cleat profile Front wheel brake Suitable for children aged 1.5 - 3.5 years Step length from 31 cm Recommended body height is approx. 88 cm - 102 cm Saddle height adjustable from 31.5 cm to 41.5 cm Safety Instructions Please do not leave your child unattended when riding the Early Rider Big Foot There is a risk that your child will fall and injure himself. In order to prevent or mitigate possible injuries, you should ensure that you wear adequate protective clothing - for example a bicycle helmet or knee pads. You should not leave your child alone, especially near roads and other areas of public traffic. Young children are not yet able to independently assess the dangers posed by moving traffic. Before the manufacturer passes on his wheels to the major or end customers, all screws are of course checked. However, as screws can also become loose over time, the manufacturer recommends that all screws of the Early Rider Big Foot be checked regularly and readjusted if necessary. 

9. KinderKraft Uniq

The construction of the bike complies with the latest safety standard EN71-1 and the safety of the bike has been tested by an independent laboratory, Intertek. The construction has also been tested in a long-distance test at TÜV Rheinland. Uniq is a unique wooden bicycle with a simple and infinitely adjustable seat mounted on a metal bracket that allows the height to be adjusted from 30 to 40 cm. You can easily adjust your bike to the needs of your child, and the bike frame is smooth and polished and has no sharp edges. And importantly, it is made from durable birch wood from sustainably managed plantations. The frame has cut-out handles and handlebar construction for easy and comfortable carrying and the bike is equipped with non-slip rubber grips to ensure comfortable and safe handling for your child. The set also includes a bell, which makes every game more beautiful. 

10. Early Rider Lite

At 3.25Kgs, our lightest Early Rider. It's more upright headset makes for a snappier more manoeuvrable bike. Ideal for younger kids (as early as 20 months), for lighter less physical kids or for kids whom speed is a real priority. The perfect first bike.