Painting scale models is not only a great hobby but also a big challenge as well. With the right paints and matching accessories like airbrush guns and brushes, giving your model an authentic paint job be a real pleasure. The paints and accessories have been especially selected for model building, making a true-to-scale reproduction of every last detail possible. 

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Harder & Steenbeck - Evolution Two in One

Vallejo - Model Air - Basic colours

- Airbrush Starter Set

- Mini compressor 18-2

Revell - Master Class Flexible

Revell - Airbrush Basic Set with compressor

- Airbrush Spray Booth suction system with LED light

- Cleaning brushes

- Cleaning Pot

Iwata - LED magnifying glass

Vallejo - Front module paint stand Model Air

Createx - Opaque Set Airbrush Colors

Harder & Steenbeck - Double Action Airbrush-Pistole

- Connection hose with integrated quick release fastener

Tamiya - Sanding sponge 600