Watering supplies

The larger the garden, the more strenuous the irrigation. Owners of large gardens only sweat at the thought of midsummer. Anyone who just after work watering the flowers in the flower bed, the balcony box, fruit and vegetables in the kitchen garden and the secluded green strips on the wall or hedges knows what is meant: garden hoses and watering cans have to be dragged all over the garden. You'll soon be longing for more comfort when watering.

So-called pipelines provide relief. This allows water to be "drawn from the socket" like electricity. A junction box feeds the water from the tap into underground pipelines. The pipelines lead the water to the permanently installed water sockets or water intake points. Water can be tapped at any time by simply clicking on a garden hose. As soon as a garden hose is connected to the water connection, you can start pouring. If the hose is disconnected, the water stops automatically thanks to the automatic stop valve. When the water socket is not in use, a cover protects the socket from dirt.

Galaxus has pipelines from Gardena in its assortment.

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Gardena - Junction box

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Gardena - Laying pipe

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Gardena - Laying pipe

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