Water pumps

Wastewater pumps are used to transport highly polluted water (but also other fluids) with a high solid content, such as stones, rubble or similar materials. Wastewater pumps are generally not self-priming (vacuum principle) but are immersed into the respective fluid and transport it by means of a paddle wheel. 

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Kärcher - Fabric hose set

Kärcher - Submersible sewage pump SP 5 Dual

Kärcher - SP 6 Flat Inox

Gardena - Submersible pressure pump (Clear water pump)

Kärcher - SP 2 Flat

Einhell - Garden pump GC-GP 6538 (garden pump)

Einhell - Waste water pump GE-DP 7330 LL ECO

Gardena - Rain barrel pump (rain barrel pump)

Gardena - Immersion pressure pump 6000/5 (rain barrel pump)

Wolfcraft - Pump

Kärcher - Suction kit

Gardena - Garden pump (garden pump)

Gardena - 9000 Aquasensor

Gardena - Drill pump (Drill pump)

Gardena - Comfort submersible pressure pump 6000/5 automatic (garden pump)