Best products in the Mobile power distributors category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Ekström Building site power distribution

The distribution boxes are designed according to the latest advances in technology, equipped with fault current safety switches and Swiss Association for Electrical Technology approved. Current distribution board in perfection, the distribution boxes are ideally suited for building contractors, installation contractors, workshops and professional handymen. 

2. Ekström Power outlet box 16

The power distributors are developed according to the latest technical knowledge, equipped with residual current circuit breakers and SEV-approved, electrical distribution in perfection, the power distributors are ideal for building shops, installation shops, workshops and professional DIY enthusiasts. 

3. Brennenstuhl Compact mini distributor BKV 2/4 T IP44 11536

Compact small power distributor BKV 2/4 T IP44. For construction site use and permanent outdoor use. Sturdy. impact-resistant plastic housing. splash-proof. With carrying handle. Oil-resistant rubber cable for permanent outdoor use.
Protective contact sockets distributed on all 3 phases. Cable designation: H07RN-F 5G1.5 . Plug: CEE 400 V/16 A. 5-pole. Sockets: 2 x CEE 400 V/16 A. 4 x 230 V/16 A (Schuko sockets).

4. Ekström CEE16A/3xT25 power distributor

The Ekström construction power distributor 3x T25, 1x CEE16A is suitable for versatile power distribution in the garden, workshop and construction. The power distributor can be easily mounted on a wall thanks to the bracket. 

5. Steffen Site power distributor

Construction power distributor IP55 equipped with residual current circuit breaker 25A 30mA, 2xLS16/1 (2xT23), LS 16/3 (2xT25), LS 16/3 (2xCEE16/5), plug CEE 16/5.

6. Schönenberger IP55 Power distributor 3xT13

120x85x230mm, matt black, 230V/10A, overload protection, without supply line, stainless steel, VPE4.

7. Ekström Plug-in distributor

The Kibernetik plug-in distributor is a practical construction aid. The splash-proof distributor impresses with its simple and safe handling and space-saving use. The plug-in distributor made of high-quality plastic has three CEE16A connection options. 

8. Eaton Switch 20A 3-pole + N

Number of poles = 3 + N
Current max = 20 A
Mounting type = Closed
Contact configuration = NO
Power = 6,5 kW
Protection class = IP65
Padlock option = Yes
voltage = 415 V ac
Electrical phases = 3
Switching capacity = 320 A
Length = 137mm
Width = 80mm
Depth = 75mm
Handle color = Red

UL and CSA. IEC (EN60) 947 and IEC (EN60) 204. breaking capacity refers to AC23A at 380-440 V. Insulated, enclosed vterminable disconnect switch. Thermoplastic enclosure with high impact resistance to IP65 Built-in grounding distribution block Lockable in the OFF position, with up to three interlocks.

9. Steffen Socket outlet distributor 3xT23 (IP55), 1xT25 (IP55), 1xCEE16/5

Socket distributor made of gray plastic, built-in sockets 3xT23 (IP55), 1xT25 (IP55), 1xCEE16/5 (IP44), cable gland 1xM25, input terminal 5x6mm2, dimensions 245x138x109mm.

Steffen Socket outlet distributor 3xT23 (IP55), 1xT25 (IP55), 1xCEE16/5 (Type 25, Type 23, CEE 16/5)
Mobile power distributors
179.–was 189.–

Steffen Socket outlet distributor 3xT23 (IP55), 1xT25 (IP55), 1xCEE16/5

Type 25, Type 23, CEE 16/5

10. Steffen Building site power distribution

Application area: Indoor; Outdoor, Colour: Grey, Plug type output: T23; T25; CEE 16-5, Material: Plastic, Number of sockets: 6 ×, Plug arrangement: Frontal, Equipment: None, Plug type input: CEE 16-5, FI 25 A, 30 mA.