Best products in the Energy monitors category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Steffen digital brilliant

Ideal for indoor use; Displays watt, ampere, volt, hertz, cosine φ or kilowatt hours; With overload protection; Two tariffs adjustable; With large LCD display. The energy meter shows you the voltage, frequency, current and power values in real time and works with all the electrical appliances in your household. 

2. Shelly 3EM

The Shelly 3EM distinguishes and detects energy purchase and energy feed into the grid. The measured data is displayed in the app, the optionally activatable cloud and the web interface in clearly arranged graphics. Additionally MQTT can be activated to register it at a corresponding MQTT-Brocker. It is calibrated in the factory together with the supplied clamps to achieve an accuracy of over 99%. In addition, it has a switching contact which can be used to control a relay, for example. It is installed in the fuse box on the DIN rail. The measured values are displayed in real time. It is also possible to calculate the energy costs.
The Shelly 3EM can be controlled via the Shelly App, the optional actuatable Cloud but also via MQTT and REST API. It is possible to set energy consumption thresholds. When these thresholds are reached, the Shelly 3EM will switch off the power via the relay contact. It is also possible to control by time of day or by sunrise and sunset. In addition to measuring energy consumption, the energy fed into the grid can also be measured. The Shelly 3EM automatically recognizes how much energy was drawn and how much was fed in and displays this clearly in a graphic. The measurement data is stored in the cloud for 365 days. The data is also written to a CSV file at 5 minute intervals, which can be exported by the Shelly 3EM. The Shelly 3EM has a programming and debug header that can be used to flash alternative firmware. Built in is an ESP8266 with 4 MB flash. It can be integrated into various smart home systems: Home Assistant, Hubitat, openHAB, Domoticz, REST API, MQTTT, ioBroker, nymea and HomeSeer.

3. Brennenstuhl Primera-Line PM 231 E

Helps to save costs and energy. Measurement of voltage, frequency, current, power factor and power. Calculation of total energy consumption and energy costs. Display of the measuring time in hours and minutes. 2 individually adjustable electricity tariffs (day + night). Includes 3 batteries LR44 for data storage in case of power failure. Socket outlet with child protection. 

4. Shelly Per 3EM

The Shelly Pro 3EM is a Wi-Fi powered, DIN-mountable 3-phase power meter with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LAN connectivity. With active energy measurement accuracy to within 1%, the Shelly Pro 3EM can be used to monitor the consumption of all household appliances, circuits and office equipment individually. Historical data is stored for up to 60 days, with each phase having a one-minute resolution. In addition, scripting capabilities allow the execution of complex scenarios and provide advanced monitoring capabilities. 

5. Qubino 3-phase Smart Meter

Reduce energy consumption. Qubino's 3-Phase Smart Meter allows you to remotely measure the energy consumption of your home. It is the only 3-phase energy meter on the market through which electricity flows. No current clamps required. It measures 9 different values: V, A, W, var, PF, kWh import, kWh export, kVAh, kvarh. By adding additional IKA or BICOM contactors, the Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter can automatically turn off devices that exceed the set power consumption. For example, the heating switches off automatically when the set power consumption value is reached. 

6. Shelly EM WiFi Energy Meter

The Shelly EM WiFi energy meter monitors and measures the energy consumption in your home or office. Of course, the energy production of your solar system can also be measured. There is also a switching output that can be used to switch up to 2 A directly or optionally control a relay. Current transformers are not included in the scope of delivery. 

7. Eltako DSZ15EN

Maximum current 3x80A, standby loss only 0.5 Watt per path. Modular device for DIN-EN 60715 TH35 rail mounting. 4 module units = 70mm wide, 58mm deep. Accuracy class B (1%). With S0 interface. The direct measuring three-phase meter measures the active energy based on the currents flowing between the inputs and outputs. The internal consumption of only a maximum of 0.5 Watt active energy per path is neither measured nor displayed. 1, 2 or 3 phase conductors with currents up to 80A can be connected. The starting current is 4OmA. The N connection must be available. The 7-segment LC display can be read twice within two weeks even without power supply. The power consumption is indicated on the display by a bar flashing 100 times per kWh. Can also be used as a 2-tariff meter as standard: When 230V is applied to terminals E1/E2, the meter switches over to a second tariff. To the right of the display there are the buttons MODE and SELECT, with which you can select the tariff. 

8. Voltcraft Digital three-phase meter

Digital three-phase meter for DIN-rail mounting in sub-distribution boards. The meter enables direct current measurement up to 100 A/phase. The energy meter is intended for installation in control cabinets or sub-distribution boards with 35 mm DIN rail mounting as an indoor meter. The energy meter enables the display of the consumed active energy in three-phase 4-wire power systems with a reference current of 10 A (limit current 100 A). The energy consumption is displayed cumulatively in kilowatts per hour (kWh) for all three outer conductors. An LED display for each outer conductor enables the control of a symmetrical load 

9. BAT EM 231

The EM 231 energy cost meter helps you to save costs and energy. It measures voltage, frequency, current, power factor and power and thus calculates the total energy consumption incl. energy costs. 3 LR44 button cells are already included in the scope of delivery. This way, your data is stored safely even in the event of a power failure. 

10. ABB Three-phase meter MID calibrated

ABB Stotz S&J Three-phase meter B23 111-100 Manufacturer: ABB Stotz S&J Designation: Three-phase meter Type: B23 111-100 Meter type: electronic Rated current (In): 5 A Maximum current (Imax): 65 A Rated voltage (Un) N-L: 220..240 V Rated voltage (Un) L-L: 380..415 V Frequency: 50..60 Hz Accuracy class: B Pole type: Four-wire Design: Direct measurement Energy type: Active power Suitable for: Reference Tariff design: Single tariff Measurement type Load profile: no Backstop: yes Calibrated: yes Approval: Measuring Instruments Directive Pulse output: electrical Pulse type: S0 Pulse rate: 1...999999 Imp/kWh (kvarh) Type of display: digital Type of mounting: REG Width in units of division: 4 Width: 70 mm Depth: 65 mm Height: 97 mm Type of interface: other EDL40 signature: no With blocking code: no Number of digits: 7 Type of protection (IP): IP20 Type of protection (NEMA): otherABB Stotz S&J three-phase meter B23 111-100: more detailsThree-phase meter for measuring a three-wire or four-wire three-phase network via a direct connection up to a maximum of 65 A. The following values are output via a seven-segment display with up to 7 digits: Active energy (class 1), powers, currents, voltages (L-L, L-N) and frequency, both per phase and total. Communication can be done via the integrated infrared interface for connection of a KNX module. The energy meter has one output. This can be used either as a pulse output for outputting the active energy or as an alarm output. Up to 25 alarm values (threshold values with time delay) can be set here. The meter is calibrated according to MID and approved according to IEC. The installation width is 4 DIN modules. EAN: 7392696001632 Supplied with: ABB Stotz S&J three-phase meter B23 111-100, packaging unit: 1 piece, EAN: 7392696001632.