Best Franke products in the Sink category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Franke products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Franke Rolling Mat

Stainless steel, 468x420 mm, rolled up, easy to feed, can be used on both sides of the basin, can be used above the basin, stable enough to place a full pan, can be used as a drip tray and as a pan or oven tray base, machine washable and hand washable, stainless steel, high quality material. 

Franke Rolling Mat

Franke Rolling Mat

2. Franke Kit di accessori 1 ALL-IN

The flexible food preparation system for any kitchen sink* All-In transforms your sink into a stylish and playful workspace and is the flexible food preparation system designed to bring more flow to your kitchen and your life. This well-equipped and intuitive modular accessory system provides everything you need for easy meal preparation. You save time and space and can switch seamlessly between different tasks. *Up to 540 mm complete set 1: telescopic bridge, bamboo chopping board (320 x 200 x 18 mm), sanitised colander bowl (297 x 173 x 95 mm). Compatible with: Antea AZG, Argos AGX, Ariane ARX, Basis BFG, Centro CNG, Galassia GAX, Largo LAX, Maris MRG, Maris MRX, Neptune NEX, Studio STX, Urban UBG. 

Franke Kit di accessori 1 ALL-IN (Accessories, 29.70 cm, 17.30 cm)
93.20 was 108.–

Franke Kit di accessori 1 ALL-IN

Accessories, 29.70 cm, 17.30 cm

3. Franke Steel sink Franke Aton, ANX 110-48

Franke Steel sink Franke Aton, ANX 110-48

Franke Steel sink Franke Aton, ANX 110-48

4. Franke Accessory set 5 ALL-IN

Franke 112.0655.489. Colour of product: Bamboo, Grey, Material: Silicone, Bamboo, Polypropylene (PP). Quantity per pack: 8 piece(s).

Franke Accessory set 5 ALL-IN (Accessories)

Franke Accessory set 5 ALL-IN


5. Franke Insertion sinks Argos AGX 611 78

FRANKE sink Argos AGX 611 78 stainless steel 780 x 510 mm push button valve (int.), top installation, TL, FRANKE 101.0272.099.

Franke Insertion sinks Argos AGX 611 78 (78 cm, 51 cm)

Franke Insertion sinks Argos AGX 611 78

78 cm, 51 cm

6. Franke Sirius S2D 611-78

Innovative material with a very thin and incredibly strong surface New Sirius 2.0 (S2D) - updated design and fastening system Modern eco-friendly material High resistance to heat, impact resistant Scratch and defect resistance Stain resistance UV protection Easy to install About Franke the new sink provides a great choice of sink from four different materials. Each has many color variations. The new Tectonite® material is definitely an innovative invention. The sink made of it is easy to hold in your hands. The whole secret of the material lies in the surface, which is very thin but incredibly hard and smooth. Amazing maintenance without maintenance, as the surface coating prevents the accumulation of dirt. How and from what is Franke Tectonite® made? Franke Tectonite® is an innovative patented material. The sinks made of it are modern and high quality. Franke is the only manufacturer to have developed and patented a new generation of synthetic material. SMC (Sheet Molding Compound). The long fiberglass connection with the polyester resin gives the sink strength and protects it from shocks and vibrations. 3rd generation Powder In Mold Coating. The modern scratch-resistant surface PiMC provides protection against UV rays, smudges and household chemicals. Exceptional texture of the material. The matte texture makes the sink easier to maintain. In addition, it is given an innovative design. Advantages of the Tectonite® sink High heat resistance. 10-15 sec. withstands temperatures as high as 300 ° C. The oven tray is usually at a maximum temperature of 230 ° C. Washbasin made of Tectonite® material, resistant to hot pots. Shock resistant. The hardness of the material helps prevent accidents in the kitchen. Tests have shown that the sink remains intact when various kitchen utensils fall. Resistant to scratches and defects. The new composition of Tectonite ® material, with glass particles on the surface, provides greater resistance to scratches and defects. The abrasion resistance of the surface is much higher than other composite materials on the market. Convenient and easy to clean. Due to the extremely smooth surface that protects against absorption, FRANKE Tectonite® products are hygienic and easy to clean. Stain Resistance Thanks to advanced manufacturing technology, Tectonite® is resistant to settled materials that can be washed away without staining even after 24 hours. Protected from UV rays. Tectonite® material is resistant to ultraviolet rays, so the sink does not lose its original color. Modern material. The matte surface and exclusive metal color give the Franke washbasin a new look. Which is perfectly adapted to the new trends in kitchen interiors. Easy installation. Tectonite® is not only a hard but also a lightweight material, which makes it very easy to transport and install the sink. Organic. Tectonite® is made from natural materials - glass, which is obtained from sand and resins. The sink is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Tectonite® Sink Colors Carbon Titanium Arctic Weiss Cafe Creme Chocolate Mascarpone Urban Gray Vulcan. 

Franke Sirius S2D 611-78 (78 cm, 50 cm)

Franke Sirius S2D 611-78

78 cm, 50 cm

7. Franke Drain pan

Franke stainless steel drip tray is a sink accessory that can be used for a wide range of purposes: to wash berries, fruits, vegetables, to defrost pasta products to use as a container for waste to wash washed dishes and to cut glassware in a steam bath Suitable for Franke Mythos (MTG 65 -100 and MTG 611), Maris (MRG 610-58 and MRG 610-42) for sinks. This container is also included in the Mythos (MTG 651-100) and Mythos Fusion (MTF 611-100 and MTF 651-100) washbasins. Material: stainless steel Dimensions: 405х160х55 mm. 

Franke Drain pan (Accessories, 41 cm, 16 cm)

Franke Drain pan

Accessories, 41 cm, 16 cm

8. Franke Rollamat 30

Universal rolling pad Franke Rollmatt. Here’s how good design works: This stainless steel Rollmat tray is designed for every sink and serves as the ideal drain tray. Also, it is unlikely to take up much space as it is easily wrapped in a compact tube. High quality stainless steel Wide range of applications Convenient storage Suitable for Franke Fragranit Cubes 2 sinks (KNG 110-62, KNG 110-52, KNG 110-37) Connection material: silicone Color: stainless steel Dimensions: 298х410 mm. 

Franke Rollamat 30 (Accessories, 41 cm, 29.80 cm)

Franke Rollamat 30

Accessories, 41 cm, 29.80 cm

9. Franke 127.0674.362

Bacino in acciaio inox con rivestimento di alta qualità e curvatura stretta di 12 mm
Sono possibili abbinamenti cromatici in linea con i nostri rubinetti e accessori
di incasso 3 in 1: Slimtop, incasso a filo e incasso dal basso

Dimensioni bacino: 500x410x200 mm
Dimensioni lavello: 540x450 mm

Spessore del piano di lavoro: almeno 12 mm
Ritaglio sottopiano: 500x410 mm R12
Ritaglio SlimTop: 510x420 mm R10
Ritaglio a filo: v. istruzioni di montaggio
Foratura pomolo a pressione ø 35 mm
Fornitura completa di gruppo di scarico e griglia

In caso di incasso dall'alto (Slimtop/incasso a filo), il piano di lavoro deve essere tagliato nell'area del troppopieno come da istruzioni di montaggio.

Franke 127.0674.362

Franke 127.0674.362

10. Franke Undermount sinks Mythos MYX 110-70

Franke, Mythos, MYX 110-70 , stainless steel, plug FRANKE 122.0633.071.

Franke Undermount sinks Mythos MYX 110-70 (74 cm, 44 cm)

Franke Undermount sinks Mythos MYX 110-70

74 cm, 44 cm