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1. Blanco Elon 45 S

Compact single-bowl sink, especially suitable for small kitchens;Maximum large basin;Innovative: expandable drainage area through sliding drip grid of stainless steel;Modern, wave-shaped design of sink and accessories, perfectly matched;Multifunctional drip grid of stainless steel included;High-quality equipment with drain remote control and drain system InFino - elegantly integrated and particularly easy to clean;Side battery bank, practical also for front window installation;Reversible installation;. 

Blanco Elon 45 S (Fitted sink, 65 cm, 50 cm)
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Blanco Elon 45 S

Fitted sink, 65 cm, 50 cm

2. Blanco Supra 340-U

Versatile program with numerous combination options;For individual composition of main and additional basins;Practical accessories optionally available;.

Blanco Supra 340-U (37 cm, 43 cm)

Blanco Supra 340-U

37 cm, 43 cm

3. Blanco Zerox 500-U DarkSteel

Striking right-angled stainless steel basin with elegant, dark gray surface;Pleasantly warm feel due to high-quality, pure stainless steel without coating;Harmonious surface mix: spout and overflow set stylish accents in polished stainless steel;Versatile combinable with a variety of colors and materials;Easy to clean and easy-care surface: easy removal of fingerprints and dirt;High-quality equipment with drain system InFino - elegant and particularly easy to clean;. 

Blanco Zerox 500-U DarkSteel (54 cm, 44 cm)

Blanco Zerox 500-U DarkSteel

54 cm, 44 cm

4. Blanco Zenar XL 6 S Compact

Compact external dimensions for a lot of comfort in limited space;Particularly large basin with small drainboard;Functional level with smooth transition to the drainboard;Functional accessories optionally available;High-quality equipment with overflow C-overflow and drainage system BLANCO InFino - elegantly integrated and particularly easy to clean;. 

Blanco Zenar XL 6 S Compact (78 cm, 51 cm)

Blanco Zenar XL 6 S Compact

78 cm, 51 cm

5. Blanco Claron 400-IF/A

Built-in basin in elegant-pure design;Concise corner radii of 10 mm for more design - without sacrificing functional advantages;Drainage system InFino with the flat and intuitive drainage remote control PushControl;Flat lying IF-flat edge;Unique stability of the faucet bank through elaborate stabilization technology;. 

Blanco Claron 400-IF/A (46 cm, 51 cm)

Blanco Claron 400-IF/A

46 cm, 51 cm

6. Blanco Subline 400-F

Basin for modern kitchen planning;Timelessly elegant, linear basin shape;High-quality equipment with overflow C-overflow and drain system InFino - elegantly integrated and particularly easy to clean;Versatile accessories optionally available;. 

Blanco Subline 400-F (Fitted sink, 42.70 cm, 42.70 cm)

Blanco Subline 400-F

Fitted sink, 42.70 cm, 42.70 cm

7. Blanco Naxa XL 9

Balanced and modern lines;Unsurpassed spacious sink provides even more space when washing up;Maximum comfort for any kitchen;For the 90cm base cabinet;.

Blanco Naxa XL 9 (86 cm, 51 cm)

Blanco Naxa XL 9

86 cm, 51 cm

8. Blanco Dinas XL 6 S

Harmonious, timeless design. Particularly spacious XL basin. Generous draining surface. Reversible installation. 3 ½'' basket valve. With drain remote control.

Blanco Dinas XL 6 S (100 cm, 50 cm)

Blanco Dinas XL 6 S

100 cm, 50 cm

9. Blanco Metra XL 6 S

Young, straight-lined design; Attractive line in the consumer segment; Unmatched spacious basin offers even more space when washing up; Functional drainer can also be used as a work surface; Aesthetically flat rim design; Reversible installation. 

Blanco Metra XL 6 S (100 cm, 50 cm)

Blanco Metra XL 6 S

100 cm, 50 cm

10. Blanco Collectis 6 S

Innovative concept for optimum organisation of food preparation; Generous functional sink with central depot bowl; Modern design with clear lines and elegant, flat rim;Additional practical sink recess;Optional accessory: solid maple chopping board, for working directly into the depot bowl. 

Blanco Collectis 6 S (100 cm, 51 cm)

Blanco Collectis 6 S

100 cm, 51 cm