Best Max Hauri products in the Power plugs + connectors category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Max Hauri products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Max Hauri Plug

2. Max Hauri Flat angle plug

This white flat-angle plug minimises the necessary distance between the socket and the furniture in front of it. Thanks to the fold-out extraction aid, it can be unplugged again later without any problems. 

3. Max Hauri male

Plug type 12 L+N+PE / Voltage: 250V / Amps: 10A / Color: gray / Number of poles: 3 / Material: polyamide.

4. Max Hauri Mounting plug T12 angled, White

Detail color: White, Power connector side A: T12, Switch: No, Power connector side B: Screw terminal, Type: Mounting plug.

5. Max Hauri Rubber coupling

Rubber coupling type 13 L+N+PE / voltage: 250V / current: 10A / colour: black / number of poles: 3 / material: TPE/PA6.6 / IP protection class: IP21.

6. Max Hauri Rubber plug

Type 12 L+N+PE, Number of poles: 3, Material: TPE/PA6.6.

7. Max Hauri Plug and socket AC 164 flat 2-pin 16A/250V IP20

Plug and socket AC 164 flat 2-pole black / Voltage: 250V / Amps: 16A / Strain relief and screw connection / Colour: Black / No. of poles: 2 / Sheath diameter min. 5mm max. 8.8mnm. 

8. Max Hauri Coupling T13 black

Coupler type13 black / 250V/10A / L+N+PE / polycarbonate.

9. Max Hauri Mounting Coupling T13, Black

Detail color: Black, Power connector side A: T13, Switch: No, Power connector side B: Screw terminal, Type: Mounting connector.

10. Max Hauri TH55 Mains plug Switzerland type23 IP55

The plugs are dustproof and jet-proof (IP55) when plugged in, couplings in any condition. The new TH55 range is characterized by the handy and handy design and the high-quality materials. Further quality features are the protection against mechanical influences, as well as the weather, corrosion and temperature resistance.

Plug type 23 L+N+PE / voltage: 250V / amperes: 16A / color: black/anthracite / number of poles: 3 / protection class: IP55 / cable entry diameter: 6.5 to 14mm / impact resistant / reconnectable / integrated strain relief