Cable conductors

Cable conductors are an integral part of electrical installations, providing the pathways for electrical currents to safely travel through an environment. Our online shop boasts an impressive selection of cable conductors suitable for a broad range of applications. Customers can expect to find a variety of cable types like TT installation cables ideal for fixed installations, TD cables typically used for telecommunication devices, along with stranded wire sets useful for prototyping and custom projects. Our inventory caters to both domestic and professional use, ensuring that every need is met with precision and reliability.

When searching for the perfect cable conductor, understanding the specific properties is crucial. Key properties to consider include cable type, cross-section, voltage rating, number of conductors, insulation type, and cable length. Cross-section, usually measured in square millimeters (mm²), indicates the cable's current-carrying capacity—larger cross-sections are suitable for higher current applications. The voltage rating is essential to ensure compatibility with your electrical system's requirements, preventing overload and potential hazards. The number of conductors within the cable determines how many circuits can be run simultaneously, which is particularly important for advanced or complex installations. Insulation type is another critical filter, as it affects the installation environment, durability, and safety. Cable length is vital for planning installations with minimal waste and ensuring uninterrupted runs of wiring where connections need to be avoided.

We feature top brands known for their quality and reliability, including Steffen, Max Hauri, Nexans, Do it + Garden, and Quadrios. Steffen's TT installation cables and Nexans' similar offerings are known for their durability and compliance with industry standards. Max Hauri is recognized for TD cables that provide reliable and secure telecommunication connections. Do it + Garden also offers preferred solutions with their acclaimed TD cables, meeting the needs for both professional and DIY environments. For those requiring flexibility in wiring customizations, Quadrios' stranded wire set is a standout, presented in various colors and lengths catering to specialized and tailored projects. Shop with confidence for cable conductors and find the appropriate cabling solutions from trusted names in the industry right here.