Tool batteries + Chargers

Tool batteries + Chargers

Here you will find the right tool battery including the corresponding charger. Our tool batteries give your tools the energy they need to perform at their best.

Battery-powered tools have numerous advantages. For example, they can be used anywhere, as there is no need for a power outlet nearby. Furthermore, they allow you to work barrier-free. Thanks to the battery, there is no annoying cable to get in the way. In terms of performance, rechargeable batteries have also caught up considerably in recent years. Since the runtime is also steadily increasing, cordless tools are now also suitable for professional use. Bosch Professional has responded to this trend with an 18V rechargeable battery system. This battery can be used in all devices of the Bosch Blue 18V class.

When buying a tool battery or replacement battery, there are a few things to consider. Our filters will help you find the right battery.

Brands: Typically, your battery-powered tool will have optimal performance if the battery and your tool are of the same brand. However, there are now some cross-brand battery systems. Besides Bosch Grün, Gardena or Wagner and other brands have joined the Power for all Alliance. Another cross-brand battery system is called the Cordless Alliance. Over 200 machines, including many from Metabo, can be operated with one battery. Also available from us are the batteries from Makita, Einhell and other popular brands.

Voltage: In order for your tools to work, your battery needs the appropriate voltage. Most of the time, the required voltage of your tools is already part of the product name.

Battery type: The most common battery type in our online shop is Li-lon. Lithium-ion batteries usually have more power than other battery types. Therefore, they are suitable for work where the power tools are heavily used. So-called NiMH accumulators - nickel-metal hydride accumulators - usually have a lower self-discharge rate compared to other accumulator types.

Battery capacity: The higher the battery capacity, the longer the runtime. Batteries with a high battery capacity are therefore suitable for long-duration work. If you buy several batteries with high battery capacity, you can work continuously on your project.

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