Soap dispensers

A soap dispenser can visually improve your bathroom’s design and is a practical and, above all, hygienic product to store your soap and to portion it economically. Classic soap dispensers work with a lever pump. Innovative soap containers, by the brand Simplehuman, for example, feature a built-in sensor that triggers soap to be dispensed without having to touch the dispenser. This function is particularly hygienic. Some models even offer a USB port to easily recharge the sensor dispenser. Soap dispensers with a wall bracket can be mounted on the wall like in a hotel, freeing up precious space around the washbasin. You can also use a soap dispenser in the kitchen by filling it with detergent. The favourite colours of our customers are beige, white, blue and silver. A wooden dispenser for your handwash, gives your bathroom a very special ambience. Stainless steel soap dispensers integrate themselves into your bathroom furniture in a particularly high-quality and timeless way, they are available in glossy or matt. Buy a soap dispenser from our best-selling brands Simplehuman, diaqua, Zone Denmark, house doctor, Zeller Present, Kela, Wenko or Bloomingville.