Privacy screens

Privacy screens are an indispensable element for privacy and protection from prying eyes in various areas such as balconies, fences or terraces. When it comes to choosing the right privacy screen for your outdoor area, two important factors play a decisive role: the product dimensions and the material group.

The product dimensions are of great importance, as the privacy screen should fit exactly to your balcony, fence or terrace. The right size not only ensures optimal coverage and privacy, but also an aesthetically pleasing overall effect. When purchasing a privacy product, it is therefore important to take into account the exact dimensions of your outdoor area and ensure that the privacy screen has the required dimensions to provide complete coverage.
In addition, the material group also plays a crucial role in choosing the right privacy screen. Different materials offer different benefits in terms of durability, weather resistance and aesthetic requirements. Popular materials for privacy products include wood, plastic, and bamboo.

Regardless of the exact product dimensions or material, there are different types of privacy screens specifically designed to meet different requirements and aesthetic preferences:

Balcony fans
Balcony fans offer a simple and flexible solution to protect your balcony from unwanted views. They can be easily attached to railings or walls and provide both privacy and protection from wind and sun.

Balcony privacy screen + fence screen
These handy fence screens or privacy nets attach along fences or railings to provide privacy on balconies, patios or in gardens.

Bamboo privacy screen
Bamboo privacy screens are an attractive option for a natural and aesthetically pleasing privacy screen. The bamboo canes are usually mounted to a fence or wall and provide effective protection from view, while adding a warm and exotic touch to outdoor areas.

Privacy fence + privacy wall
Privacy walls are a robust and durable solution for privacy and protection. They are available in various materials such as wood, metal or plastic and can be used flexibly in patios, gardens or on terraces. Privacy screens not only provide privacy, but can also serve as a decorative element.

Windbreaks are ideal for protecting against strong winds while creating a comfortable and sheltered outdoor environment. They can be fixed or flexible windbreak nets or mobile windbreaks and allow you to enjoy the outdoors even in windy conditions.

Regardless of your specific needs, privacy products offer a practical and aesthetic solution for privacy, protection and a pleasant atmosphere in your outdoor space. In our range you will find different types of privacy products for your balcony, terrace or garden from brands such as Casa Pura, Windhager and many more, so you can choose the right option for your needs.