Garden flooring

You have your own garden and / or terrace and creative to give the world a lot? You want to lay the floor of your garden seating area, your balcony or your conservatory and are looking for suitable garden tiles? You want to create a garden paradise according to your ideas?
Then this is the right category for you, because here you will find many materials and building materials for all outdoor creative dreams. If you are tired of your garden nature growing over your head, you can tame it with the help of various flooring, edging or binding materials.
For example, to ensure comfortable foot traffic, you can choose from a wide range of paving stones, patio slabs, click tiles and lawn edgings to sand or gravel with convenient delivery. If necessary, you can keep your neighbors or other fence guests at a distance with walls or palisades. You can find fences, posts and tree stakes in a separate category called garden fence.

Some additional information about ground coverings:
- Fall protection boards are especially suitable for the garden, for example as a safety element on the children's playground or in the sports area. Wooden planks are also wonderfully suitable as floor tiles for outdoor use.

- Which click tile is suitable depends on the intended use: do you want to lay it on the balcony, the garden, the terrace or in the conservatory? Or do you want to protect the floor of a sales area or showroom? Floor tiles in the click system can be endlessly joined and combined with each other. The tiles are non-slip, slip-resistant, highly durable and available in various colors. The different materials such as wood, stone, WPC or turf offer you many design options.
Due to the click system, the tiles are installed in a short time without any tools. Thus, click tiles are also ideally suited for events or a showroom. uch the multiple disassembly and reassembly of the plates is possible without any problems.

- The garden tiles are suitable for temperatures from -20°C to +65°C. Neither frost nor permanent sunlight can harm the various surfaces. To ensure optimal water drainage, a slight slope should be planned in the garden area. The perforated tile version offers an additional water passage through the holes in the surface. Eyelets in the corners of the floor tiles allow you to fix the garden tiles to the ground - for a very stable tile system.