Open fire BBQs

You love sitting comfortably in your garden or on your terrace and being surrounded by cosy warmth? Fireplaces don't only serve as wonderful heat sources, but also provide cosy hours outdoors throughout the year. A fire bowl is a portable, open and safe fireplace. It is usually made of steel, iron, ceramics or clay. Wood or coal is used as fuel. Fire bowls are available in sizes from about 40cm to 100cm. Fire bowls are also very popular for cooking or grilling. Related to the fire bowl is the fire basket. It serves as a heat source on terraces, but can also be used for grilling in the garden area. Fire baskets are usually made of steel, iron or cast iron. The fire basket consists of a heat-resistant metal vessel. It has high side walls with grid-like recesses for ventilation. At the bottom, a bowl catches the ash. A fire basket not only serves as an oven or grill, but can also be used as an atmospheric element in the garden. If you also want to grill with the fireplace, many manufacturers offer corresponding accessories. In some fireplaces you can even cook fondue. Together with a tripod and a height-adjustable grill rack attached to it, a fire basket can also be used as a swivel grill. In our assortment we have fireplaces from the brands Nouvel, Nomlilo, Barbecook, Beliani, Landmann, FireKing and many more. 

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