Lawn sprinklers

Irrigation sprinklers are sprinklers used on farms, golf courses, and yards, to provide water to vegetation and plants in the event of drought. They may also be used for recreation, as a cooling system, or to keep down the amount of airborne dust. 

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Gardena - OS 140 (Pop-up sprinklers, square sprinkler)

Gardena - AquaContour (Pop-up sprinklers, area irrigator)

Gardena - AquaContour (Pop-up sprinklers, area irrigator)

Gardena - Sprinkler system complete set 8221 (Pop-up sprinklers, spray sprinklers)

Gardena - AquaZoom compact (square sprinkler)

Gardena - T380 turbine pop-up sprinkler (Pop-up sprinklers)

Gardena - Premium Impulse, Circle and Sector Sprinklers (circular sprinkler)

GEKA - Circular/sector high sprinkler

Gardena - T 380 (Pop-up sprinklers)

Gardena - AquaZoom M (square sprinkler)

Gardena - AquaZoom S (square sprinkler)

Gardena - Comfort Large-Area Irrigation Aqua Contour (area irrigator)

Gardena - Comfort Aquazoom 250/2 (square sprinkler)

Gardena - Aqua M (square sprinkler)

Gardena - T100 (Pop-up sprinklers)