Hose connection + hose connector

A garden hose plug-in system simply connects everything for irrigation - from the tap to the hose to the shower. Several hoses can also be connected or connected to the valve using couplings. Connector systems can be made of aluminium, stainless steel, rubber, plastic, brass or metal.

In our assortment we carry among other things connections for the hose, tap connectors as well as irrigation showers of the brands Alba, Gardena, HSI and Kärcher less

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Gardena - 4-way distributor (4 way distributor, 1.04")

Gardena - Tap connector (tap connectors, 0.94")

Gardena - 2-way distributor (2 way distributor, 1.31")

Gardena - Car wash set (Cleaning brush, water handle)

Gardena - Cleansystem telescopic water handle (water handle)

Gardena - Premium tap connector (tap connectors, 1.04")

Gardena - Cleansystem floor washing set (Cleaning brush, water handle)

Gardena - Water handle 150 (water handle)

Gardena - Hose connector set (Hitch, component adaptor)

Gardena - Watering showers Action (tap connectors, hose connector, water stop, 0.50")

Gardena - Coupling (Hitch, multi-coupling, 0.50")

Gardena - 18281-20 (hose connector, component adaptor)

Gartec - Tap (0.75")

Gardena - 18201-50 (tap adaptor, 0.75")

Gardena - Two-way valve (tap adaptor, multi-coupling, 1.04")