Gouges + Hand planes

Gouges and hand planes are indispensable tools for woodworkers, whether they are hobbyists, artisans, or professionals crafting fine furniture. Gouges, with their curved cutting edge, are designed for carving grooves and hollows into wood, making them essential for detailed work and sculptural projects. Hand planes, on the other hand, are used for smoothing and flattening surfaces, shaping edges, and correcting the thickness of woodwork pieces. Together, these tools empower craftsmen to shape wood with precision and finesse, creating both functional items and artistic masterpieces.

Our selection includes top-tier brands that woodworkers trust for quality and performance. Kirschen offers the Firmer chisel set, known for its durable construction and exceptional sharpness, perfect for precise woodworking tasks. Stanley's Universal planer RB 10 brings reliability and ease of use to the workbench, ideal for a variety of planning jobs with its adjustable depth control. Pfeil's Sculptor's iron set is a favorite among carving enthusiasts for its wide range of gouge profiles and excellent edge retention. Rali's Plane "RALI EVOLUTION" showcases innovation with its ergonomic design and unique blade mechanism, delivering consistent results with minimal setup time. Lastly, Bahco's Farbschaber is recognized for its robustness and versatility in scraping paint, proving an essential tool for restoration and finishing work. Each product is meticulously designed to meet the exacting standards of woodworkers who demand precision and reliability from their tools.