Garden hose cart

If you want to water the garden often, you are happy to have less to do. Besides, order is half of life. That's where a hose cart comes in handy. Hose trolleys, or hose reels, hose boxes or hose reels are aids for the quick laying and later rewinding of hoses. This means you don't lose any time untangling your garden hose and can use them ideally for watering your garden.
When choosing your hose reel, pay attention to the type of hose you have, especially its length. Flexible and spiral hoses may not be suitable for every reel.

Galaxus offers a wide range of hose reels in various colours and shapes from the most renowned manufacturers, e.g. Gardena, Alba, Hozelock and Kärcher. We differentiate in terms of type between hose box, hose holder, hose reel and hose cart.

Tube holder:
If you hang up your hose, it will last longer because it is better protected against wind and weather and possible kicks. In addition, it does not cause unsightly puddles or dirt spots on the lawn or ground. Hose holders also offer holders for watering rods, some of which can also be used as garden showers.

Hose reel:
15 to 20m long hoses can quickly take up a lot of space in the garden or on the terrace without being rolled up, can serve as a tripping hazard, can be knotted and kinked - so you better roll up your hose. The reel also makes it much easier to transport the hose, and some hose reels are equipped with wheels.

Wall mounted hose box with automatic hose retraction
To have as few disturbing devices as possible in the garden, you can also drill your hose box directly into a wall. The best position for this is near the water connection. The boxes are usually swivel-mounted and thus prevent the hose from getting tangled or jammed. And the best thing is: With the hose retractor, a small pull is enough and the hose automatically rolls back into its wall hose box.