Garden hose cart

Anyone who often has to water the garden is happy about any opportunity to save time and effort. Moreover, tidiness plays an important role. Metre-long garden hoses quickly take up a lot of space in the garden or on the terrace, can become tripping hazards, get knotted and kinked. It is therefore advisable to roll up the hose.
This is exactly where hose trolleys, hose reels and hose boxes come into play. These storage solutions make it possible to lay the hose quickly and roll it up later. With them, you save yourself the hassle of untangling the garden hose and can use it optimally for watering the garden.

Hose trolley
Hose trolleys are mobile frames with wheels on which the garden hose can be rolled up and stored. They make it easy to move the hose around the garden and provide neat and orderly storage. Hose trolleys are particularly practical for larger gardens or areas where the hose needs to be moved frequently.

Hose reel
Hose reels are round or rectangular racks on which the garden hose can be rolled up and stored. They are usually equipped with a crank mechanism or a hand crank to easily roll up the hose. Hose reels offer a simple and effective solution for storing hoses and are ideal for medium-sized gardens or areas with limited space.

Hose box
Hose boxes are closed containers in which the garden hose is stored rolled up and protected from the weather. They are usually equipped with a crank mechanism or automatic rewind function that makes it easy to roll up the hose. Hose boxes are often mounted on the wall directly by the water connection and can usually be swivelled, thus preventing the hose from getting tangled or twisted. And best of all, with the hose retractor, all it takes is a little pull and the hose automatically reels back into its wall-mounted hose box.

Hose holder
If you hang up your hose, it will last longer because it is better protected from wind and weather and possible kicks. Hose holders are usually wall-mounted racks that allow you to do just that. In addition, it won't cause unsightly puddles or dirt spots on the lawn or ground. Hose holders also offer holders for other garden tools and can take on a decorative function.

When buying a hose reel or hose box, it is important to pay attention to the following points:
Hose capacity and length: Check that the hose reel has enough space for the length and diameter of your garden hose. Some hose reels come with a matching garden hose.

Manoeuvrability and garden size: For users with large gardens or areas where the hose needs to be moved frequently, a hose cart with mobility and sufficient capacity is ideal. Hose boxes are a good option for users who want a space-saving and protected storage solution. Hose reels work well for medium-sized gardens, while hose holders are ideal for users with smaller gardens or a fixed hose storage option.

Regardless of individual requirements, hose carts and other hose storage types offer a practical and efficient solution for storing and handling garden hoses. In our range you will find different types of hose trolleys, hose boxes and hose reels from brands such as Gardena, Fiskars or Kärcher, putting an end to knotted hoses and messy clutter in your garden.