A bird house brings life to the garden. A nesting box or feeding place not only helps feathered friends; the sight of the peepers is a delight for young and old. We differentiate between nesting aid and feeding place.

A feeding place is a covered food supply for wild birds. It is therefore roofed over so that the food does not get wet and become mouldy. Make sure that the feeding place does not become a bird trap: Bird hunters and domestic cats must not reach it. Feeders on a long branch, on a stand or on a wall are very suitable.

Nesting aids offer birds a welcome shelter in winter and a place to breed in spring. When using nesting aids, you should ensure that they are solidly installed and in a suitable place. The most popular are birdhouses for hanging up birds. They are attached to a thick branch or trunk. When you use a nesting aid, you must be even more careful to find a suitable place. Not only must it be out of reach of nest robbers, it must also be clearly visible - otherwise the bird family will refuse the offer. Choose a well-ventilated place for the nest that is not too sunny. Otherwise the young birds may suffocate in early summer before they can fly.

With us you will find a wide range of bird houses. Among others we carry the brands Radius Design, Windhager and Josty.