Best products in the Birdhouses category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Windhager Garden

Help in the food-poor Season. The bird feeder house Garden is made of solid wood, which is planed and flamed. On both sides of the round perches and glass window for easy control of the feed level. Filling with a suitable bird food (ready-made mixes, sunflower seeds, etc.) due to removable roof. Including A Cord For Hanging.

2. Windhager Birdfeed Silo Compact

Help for the winter birds in the low-food season. The round bird food silo is made of transparent plastic - so the food level can be checked at any time. The metal roof and floor are painted. The silo has four feed openings and is filled via the removable roof with e.g. winter mixture or sunflower seeds.

3. Relaxdays Fenster-Futterhaus

The cute bird house is easily attached to the window pane with three suction cups and offers the beeping mats an easily accessible food dispenser. Make yourself at home with your little ones behind the window and watch the birds relaxed from inside as they make fun of the tasty grains - fun for the whole family.

4. Emsa country house

Emsa LANDHAUS fodder silo, plastic, granite (W)150 x (D)100 x (H)240 mm, weatherproof, - 1 piece (516413).

5. Bellissa Tit dumpling holder

The titmouse dumpling pure, without plastic wrapping in the good-looking spiral-shaped holder is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the little forager. During the less cold seasons, the titmouse dumpling holder can also be used for other decorative purposes, for example by decorating it individually at Easter or as a chain with pretty Easter eggs, or in summer with shimmering baubles. The 55mm suspension makes the choice of placement very easy, even a balcony railing or a thick branch pose no problem. Two holders in the set. 

Bellissa Tit dumpling holder
Quantity discount
7.50per piece for 3 units

Bellissa Tit dumpling holder


6. Windhager Woodpecker

With this great bird food silo kit children can give free rein to their creativity and at the same time support native birds in winter. Children not only make a valuable contribution to the protection of nature through play, but can also experience it up close in their own gardens.
All parts of the kit can be assembled without sawing and drilling and then painted with the colours included in the set
and the enclosed brush. The set contains a nesting box kit, four colours, a brush and stencils to cut out. 

7. Neogard Robin nesting box

Developed in collaboration with naturalist and cameraman Simon King, who uses his many years of knowledge of wildlife observation and photography. The design principle is that the robin prefers an open nest box with good access but also likes to remain hidden from prying eyes of predators. The entrance is open, but the nesting area is both hidden behind the side wall and covered by the roof. Robins love to nest in sheds, with 24/7 access or a porch. The nest is lightweight and can be wired into a hedge or ivy, or attached to a wall with the included replacement loop of mounting wire. The base of the bird's nest has a rattan landing platform with a low partition separating the nesting or roosting area. The Brushwood Robin Bird Nest won the Best Product Design award in the Pets and Wildlife category at GLEE 2016. The nest is also suitable for other bird species, such as wagtails, which prefer the same style of open nests. 

8. Windhager Villa

Beautiful large bird feed house with glass window for feed level control. Filling through the chimney. Decorative roof made of wooden shingles.

9. Relaxdays Bat box

Your heart beats for native animals? Then support the bats in their search for suitable quarters. With the bat hotel you offer the little flying artists a suitable shelter in summer as well as in winter. But also in spring and autumn the bat box serves young animals, during the migration period, a shelter. Made of untreated wood, the box has a rough surface and an approach board, which is ideal for climbing in. 

10. Bewo Standard

Bird feeder Standard, spruce nature FSC, roof red, 24x20x18cm (LxWxH).