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    Almost as beautiful as the 1970s design classics, but cheaper

    by Pia Seidel


Nothing is better for lazing around than a beanbag. Beanbags adjust to your body and add an urban and modern feel to your home. Comfortable, ergonomic models are ideal for living rooms or in front of the television. A comfortable beanbag is bound to make guests stay in place for longer. When you're buying a beanbag, pay attention to the filling material and the covers. Do you have pets or small children? Then a beanbag with a removable and washable cover is best suited. A memory foam filling is ideal if you're using the beanbag as a seat for hour-long gaming sessions. Beanbags filled with styrofoam balls adapt to the shape of the body and are particularly comfortable. Want to hang out outside, too? Weatherproof models by Fatboy or vetsak Cape Town are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They can be used almost everywhere: in the snow, on the water or in the garden. Air beanbags made of nylon also have the advantage that they can be stowed quickly and don't need much space when deflated. Looking for a beanbag for reading, watching TV or just relaxing? We have a beanbag for every room and almost every need. Find and buy your beanbag online and choose from brands such as Fatboy, SackIT, Vluv, Sitting Bull or Vetsak Cape Town with us.