Best products in the Scooters category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Micro Sprite LED

LED wheels at the front and rear give this classic Micro Scooter that extra something. The compact size and light weight guarantee easy handling and effortless carrying. Suitable for kids or adults up to 100 kg.

2. Micro Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus

The cool Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe Plus mobilizes your child from the age of 12 months. The multifunctionality of the Micro Mini 3in1 inspires not only the little ones. With the triple adjustment option, the Deluxe Plus model accompanies your child from the first to the fifth year of life. For children from the age of 1, the seat can be attached to the handlebars and your angel will have a cross between a running bike and a Mini Micro. To get the Mini Micro moving, your child has to indicate with his feet as with a conventional running bike. The Mini Micro is steered by shifting the child's weight, which helps develop motor skills. When your child is older and confident, the seat can be removed and the product can be used as a regular Mini Micro. In the deluxe version, the T-handlebar is height-adjustable. The small reflectors next to the rear wheels also serve to increase visibility. The lettering on the footboard guarantees more grip for little children's feet. With the push bar you can easily push your little darling while he can rest his feet comfortably on the tray. Features Multifunctional Can be used in three different ways Promotes motor skills Weight shifting and movement Removable seat With hard rubber castors PU Can be used from 1- 5 years With reflectors next to the rear wheels Anti-slip writing on the footboard Loadable with seat 20 kg Loadable without seat 35 kg Dimensions and weight Handlebar height 48 68 cm Seat height 26 29 cm Front castors 120 mm Rear castors 80 mm Weight 1.95 2.2 kg. 

Micro Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus

Micro Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus


3. Micro Mini Deluxe LED

Thanks to the adjustable handlebar, the Micro Mini Deluxe LED can be optimally adapted to the size of your little angel. For a secure grip while driving, the lettering on the footboard is responsible. This acts like a grip tape and makes driving even safer. The additional reflectors next to the rear wheel serve for even more safety in the dark. Through the patented steering system, the movement motor skills balance and coordination of your favorite is promoted. In addition, the handlebar is equipped with a safety system and prevents your child from pulling out the bar. However, the handlebar can still be removed or adjusted by parents. Features Promotes motor skills weight shifting and movement With hard rubber wheels PU Height adjustable With LED light in the tire Usable from 1- 5 years With reflectors next to the rear wheels Anti-slip footboard Loadable up to 50 Kg. 

4. Micro Mini Deluxe

The Micro Mini Deluxe presents itself in an elegant and sporty version that you will not soon forget. The basic technique was taken over from the classic and additionally worked out with some features. This micro is a big hit in every respect!
The adjustable height of the handlebars is optional to ensure maximum driving comfort. So your favourite scooter can grow along for a few years and cool fun
experiences can be discovered together. Once a comfortable posture has been adopted, the adjustment can be secured with a handle. Another new feature is the modern lettering on the tread surface. This font is not just an ordinary glue, but a griptape. Stability is therefore particularly high. 

5. Micro Cruiser

The 200mm wheels, V handlebar and short deck ensure that you feel the ride in a dignified way. Driving becomes cruising.

6. Micro 3in1 Deluxe

Clear the way for the Diaper Express! Now it's not crawling anymore, but making the track unsafe. The Micro Mini is particularly suitable to experience the first acquaintance with a mobile device.
The little brother or sister already drives Micro Mini, but the smallest offspring also wants such a cool scooter, but is still too small? This is no longer a problem, thanks to the Micro Mini with super
cool sport seat!
Even the very youngest are mobile and have as much driving fun as the Micro Mini Kids. The seat can later be removed from the handlebars and the little ones can drive with the O-steering rod. Thanks to the ultra-fun scooter, motor skills, weight shift and movement are promoted.

7. Hudora BigWheel Air 230 Dual Brake

The Hudora Big Wheel Air 230 Dual Brake scooter with its two large pneumatic tyres is suitable for almost any terrain. The double braking system ensures even more safety and sportiness. The Hudora Big Wheel Air 230 Dual Brake is foldable and light, agile and comfortable. The large, shock-absorbing pneumatic tyres are mounted on lightweight aluminium rims. A dirt trap at the back and front keeps the clothes clean - so this scooter is also suitable for the daily way to work. The Hudora Big Wheel Air 230 Dual Brake has a high-quality aluminium deck with reinforced wings and a foldable, height-adjustable handlebar. The anti-shock comfort handles minimize vibration and maximize ride comfort. The equipment of this aluminium scooter with bell, reflectors and stand meets the highest demands. The double brake system (disc and friction brake) of this scooter provides additional safety. With its driving comfort, its safety features and its premium equipment, this pneumatic tyre scooter is a companion for all those who always want to reach their destination in a sporty, comfortable and safe way - in their leisure time and also on the way to school or work. High-quality aluminium deck with reinforced wings. Pneumatic tyres on aluminium rims front 230 mm Ø rear 205 mm Ø.Comfortable front and rear mud flaps. Disc brake, brake lever on handle. Rear friction brake. Heavy Duty folding mechanism. Foldable, height-adjustable handlebar from 88 to 106.5 cm. Anti-Shock comfort handles. Stand. Reflectors on handlebars and deck. Bell. Dimensions: length approx. 101 cm, - handle width approx. 48 cm.Extra large tread area approx. 35 x 14 cm.Ball bearing ABEC 5, chrome.Max. User weight 120 kg. 

Hudora BigWheel Air 230 Dual Brake

Hudora BigWheel Air 230 Dual Brake


8. Micro Trixx 2.0

Here, too, the stunt scooters professionals have worked together and created a sophisticated stunt scooter, which is perfectly suited to learn the basics of the sport. It offers many functions, such as metal core wheels, a flex brake and a stable but at the same time 1305g light aluminum deck, which is cast from one piece. The handlebar itself consists of one piece and is reinforced by two Y-braces. The camouflage grip tape in black underlines the simple yet striking design of the MX Trixx. New in the Trixx 2.0 series is the steering bearing, which has a compression system built in. It reduces the tendency to wobble, which occurs with every stunt scooter after some time. At the same time, the Compression System ensures that your handlebar rotates better around itself. The pegs are supplied with the Trixx. 

9. Chilli Rocky

The hype of the scooters - with 3.5kg he will attract all eyes. The Chilli Rocky is the perfect entry-level model for any age group at an unbeatable price. The 50 cm long and 11.5 cm wide neochrome deck offers enough space for a firm stand and provides a distinctive look. Unlike our other models, this one uses a universal HIC compression system. The Rocky offers everyone the opportunity to try out the stunt scooter driving and to stand the first tricks in the park. The overall height of the scooter is 79 cm. The height from the deck surface to the highest point of the T-bar is 75 cm. 

10. Micro Sprite

Without many extras and still in the usual micro quality, that's the Micro Sprite. Due to its compact size, it is a real lightweight and therefore the ideal scooter for children or beginners. Its lightness not only pays off when wearing the scooter, but also ensures easy handling when driving. This manoeuvrable aluminium scooter has been a classic for years - on the way to school, but also for commuting. This scooter has a device for the carrying strap.