Mountain bikes

Have you always wanted to heat through the forest over hill and dale? Then a mountain bike is just the thing! The frame of the mountain bike is usually made of aluminium in the entry level, as this material offers the best value for money in terms of weight and stiffness. For medium to high-priced mountain bikes there is no way around carbon. It offers the lowest weight with higher stiffness and maximum comfort.
With the suspension one differentiates between Fully and Hardtail. Hardtail mountain bikes have a sprung front fork and an unsprung frame. The full-suspension frame of the Fullys provides a significant increase in driving comfort, as the shocks from the road surface to the driver are significantly dampened.
The choice of impeller size is also decisive: a classic 26" impeller is the lightest and most manoeuvrable variant with a comparable quality level. However, the established 29-inch wheel offers better traction and, thanks to the larger diameter, improved rollover behaviour. The 27.5-inch wheel (also known as 650B) is the middle ground between the 26 and 29. It combines the respective advantages, but at the same time demands compromises.