Bike maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your bike will help to prolong its life. The sometimes expensive components of your bike wear out less quickly if you take good care of your bike frequently. In addition, sensitive areas will corrode less and the annoying creaking and squeaking noises will not occur. Cleaning and care is basically done in three steps: cleaning, lubrication and protection. In our range you will find products from Muc-Off, Finish Line, WD-40 or Motorex. Many of these products are biodegradable.

For cleaning your bike you can use different cleaning agents. A bicycle cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner and removes dirt, dust, grease and various oils from your bike. If the drive is particularly dirty, a special drive cleaner or chain cleaner is recommended. With a chain cleaner you can also clean the chain optimally. Very dirty areas can be removed with a degreaser. If you have disc brakes on your bike, a brake disc cleaner is very useful because it removes all grease.

Once the bike is clean, all moving parts must be lubricated with a grease. With a chain oil you lubricate the chain links so that the bicycle chain can run smoothly. For this purpose there are products from Motorex or Muc-Off that are specially designed for wet or dry conditions. For smaller friction points, such as on the rear derailleur, you can use a universal lubricant or a penetrating oil. For larger bearings, such as frame bearings, bottom bracket or headset bearings, it is best to use ordinary bearing grease. Your suspension elements also need frequent lubrication. For your suspension fork and shock, use a lubricant with silicone, a Teflon spray or use a special sealant.

If all friction points are properly lubricated, you can use a care product to protect your bike against new dirt. Protective sprays, carbon care and polishing agents seal the paintwork and thus protect it against moisture, dust and dirt. In addition, your bike will shine and look like new.