Horse leg protection

Horse leg protection is a crucial range of products designed for the safety and comfort of equine athletes during training, transport, and competition. These itemsare intended to safeguard the horse's legs from injuries that may occur due to impact, strain, or overextension. Equestrians highly value leg protection equipment as it ensures their horse remains in peak condition, preventing costly and often heartbreaking injuries. Items such as hoof bells, gaiters, bandages, and hoof shoes are commonly used in various equestrian disciplines, each serving a specific function whether in daily exercise or during high-stakes performance in the show ring.

Waldhausen, Hy Impact, Marengo, Cavallo, and Easyboot are prominent brands offering high-quality horse leg protection. Waldhausen's Hoof Bells with synthetic fur offer a blend of comfort and protection, designed to prevent the horse's hooves from clipping its front legs. Hy Impact's Gaiters provide robust yet flexible support, making them a favourite among showjumping and eventing riders. Marengo rises to the occasion with their Combi Bandages Set of 4, ensuring comprehensive leg support and compression, which can benefit recovery and stability. Cavallo's Hoof Shoes Simple Regular, available in pairs, boast durability and a design that's mindful of the horse's natural hoof movement. Lastly, Easyboot's Old Mac's Hoof Shoes G2 epitomize innovation in protective footwear, giving unparalleled shock absorption and traction. Each of these products is tailored to meet the precise demands of horse leg care, allowing for performance without compromising safety.