When it comes to the care and management of horses, tack plays an indispensable role. Tack refers to the various equipment and accessories used in equestrian activities, essential for both the rider's control and the comfort of the horse. It encompasses a broad range of items from bridles, saddles and girths, to halters, reins, and bits. Well-fitted and high-quality tack ensures effective communication between rider and horse, enhancing the performance and safety of both. Riders, trainers, and horse enthusiasts utilize tack in disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, and trail riding, making it a fundamental part of equestrian sports and horse care routines.

Top brands in the tack category offer specialized products to meet the variety of needs in the equestrian world. USG stands out with their CeeCoach 1 Duo, an innovative communication system that allows for clear instruction and feedback between riders and coaches. Fleck's Dressage whip Carbon ultra light is a favorite among dressage enthusiasts for its balance and precision. Waldhausen offers practical solutions such as the highly sought-after Feeding bag, ensuring a tidy and efficient feeding process. Dönges brings safety and organization to equine facilities with their Horse alley set, popular among stable owners. Lastly, Animal Light's Staff lamp is an essential tool for increased visibility and safety during evening stable chores or rides. Each brand brings something unique to the tack category, enabling horse riders and caretakers to equip themselves with the right tools for a smooth and successful equestrian experience.