Bike storage

Do you want to store your bike well at home? There are various storage systems that help you to store your bike in a space-saving way. No matter if you want to store your bike in the basement, in the apartment or in the garage, you will find a possibility with us. Wall and ceiling mounts can be installed in any space. They range from simple hooks to stylish holding systems that even show off your bike indoors. Some wall systems are even designed so that you can simply hang your bike in them without any effort. The bike holder itself does the rest. Bike garages and shelters are great for households with lots of bikes. They protect your bikes from rain, snow and wind. Some garages can be closed completely and protect against theft. Portable rear stands are especially popular in the workshop or for on the road. The bike can be parked easily, quickly and without tipping over. If you leave your bike parked for a longer period of time and want to protect it from dust, rain or envious glances, waterproof protective covers are a good option. 

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