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Navic 100: The dash cam for your bicycle

Navic is not a Croatian footballer who played up a storm at this year’s world championship. Instead, it’s a sat nav combined with a Cyclosport camera, which captures everything happening in front of your bike. There’s no 4K and it’s far from high-end but it’s there every step of the way.

Does the name have a deeper meaning? Maybe it’s the verbalisation of a frontal collision between the words «navigation» and «camera»? Crash! Boom! – the dust settles and we’re left with Navic. This theory is supported by the fact that users have to make do without more than just a few missing letters. When it comes to functions, this gadget is also pretty scarce.

Visually, this 50-gram miniature looks like a hybrid between a dwarfed iPhone 5 and an oven clock. A black, shiny display with an embedded round button below and a no-frills green glowing digital indicator above. This is where you’ll see the time, your speed and the distance you’ve covered. Wow. Welcome to the year 1985? But hey, this unconventional bike computer does have a tiny bit more to offer.

The Navic 100 is charged via the micro USB port in approx. two hours.

Track, film, snap, over.

On the one hand, this device automatically tracks your rides. As soon as the display shows a number instead of the minimalist –.–, the GPS connection is made and the recording begins. On the other hand, and here comes the interesting bit, there’s a 140° wide-angle camera built in to this lightweight device. The camera records up to three hours of video at a stretch before the battery dies. To configure the camera, simply connect to the app via wifi or Bluetooth. Tha app is also where all your rides are documented. Of course, there’s also a photo mode. Once its set up, you can leave your phone at home and go through your favourite photos, videos and route information at home. In total, the built in 32 GB could fit 8 hours of video footage.

The 1080p and 30 FPS or 720p and 60 FPS is something avid GoPro 6 users are likely to sneer at. But they’re not the target group.

Maybe 4K and super slo-mo don’t float your boat. Perhaps you’re not the type to put your perfectly edited videos on YouTube because 9 out of 10 of them never leave your mobile. You might not feel like fighting your way through 643 functions and sub-menus. And who knows, you might be a fan of mash-up products and would like a shower head/phone combo plus a speedometer/camera. Or you might be looking for a dash cam for your bike to document the daily madness that is traffic. And why not? Well, we have one if you need it.

  • Navic 100
  • Navic 100
  • Navic 100
CHF 159.–
Ciclosport Navic 100
Bicycle computer with video/photo function and GPS


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But if you’d like a couple more functions, we’re quite confident that you’ll find the right product in our bike computer range. However, you’ll have to get the action cam separately.

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Perfekt,so können die radfahrer jetzt ihre rotfahrten live filmen